Thursday, August 27, 2009

Building Your Own Outdoor Fountain is Not So Hard

Building your own outdoor fountain is definitely something beneficial for you and your backyard, but not only at your backyard but on that special corner of the deck. Building your own outdoor fountain may bring you quite a challenge but you can overcome them with your sincere effort and precise planning.

You see the planning is indeed the most vital key to building your own outdoor fountain. You really have to pay very close attention to the tiniest details, so that your work would not be a disaster and your construction will go well.

The design:

This will depend upon the style and design that you prefer. You can have a Japanese themed outdoor fountain, or you can have a middle of the beach theme. Think about what you really like, what your taste would fancy more, and then you can plan your outdoor fountain appropriately.

The function:

For the functions to go well, you have to make certain that you have allowed for electrical power to your pump so that it runs your fountain. You also have to take into consideration that you must run power pump, and it should be hidden.

The space:

Take the space of your backyard into account so that you will know where you will put your outdoor fountain. You also have to think about some certain things on where you will put the fountain, will it be a disturbance to your normal flow of activities, or may it cause any landscaping dilemma.

As soon as you have your design, we will look at the basic things for your outdoor fountain must have to be able to operate:

You will need a

- Reservoir - Tubes and pumps - GFI outlet to plug into - Reservoir container - Outdoor rated power cord

Although these things may be basic but your outdoor fountain would not work without them.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is dog a hole for the reservoir. Make sure to check first if there are any power or gas lines before digging. As soon as you have dug a hole, you ca place the reservoir inside and then use sand to level it out. You also have to check if the reservoir is placed snugly down in the hole, and check if the edges are even.

After that, you have to put together the tubing and pump. The pump will do the work with pulling out the water from the reservoir. It then sends it through the tubing where it flows out of the fountainhead. Be sure that the pump is effortlessly reachable if not simply seen. When you have to run the power to the pump, you have to bury the cord, but be certain that the cord is for outdoors and is safe to be buried. The GFI plug is the only cord to be plugged in. As soon as you have power, you can adjust the pump setting.

When you have the whole thing set up, you can freely add special things of your preference. You can add some plants, maybe some stones or bricks, and maybe some goldfish.

You now have your very own outdoor fountain. Enjoy!

Autor: T. O. Chuong

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Added: August 27, 2009