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Saltbox Shed Blueprints

Imagine for a moment what your property might look like without all the "stuff" that is lying around and cluttering it up. A Saltbox shed could be exactly what you need to "clean up your act!" Saltbox sheds get their name from structures prevalent in the New England area during America's colonial years. They are very unique structures that can add style and functionality to your backyard. These sheds can be a challenge to build, but are within the capabilities of most do-it-yourselfers. The fail safe way to approach such a project is to use a good set of saltbox shed blueprints.

Saltbox sheds are characterized by a distinctive roof design that provides increased storage capability on a small footprint. These sheds are very versatile, especially when equipped with double doors in the front. They can even be used for storing large outdoor equipment items such as boats, four wheelers, snow mobiles, and lawn tractors.

Actually, the front of the building is two stories which then slopes back to a single story. The roof is short in front as well as steeply angled, and long and gently sloping in the back. The overall square footage of the shed is enhanced by the elevated storage area up front, which allows you to build in a smaller space.

The nature of the unique roof requires some unusual and complex cuts that will be difficult to figure out by yourself. Keep in mind that the primary factor that will add cost to virtually any building project is inaccurate measuring and cutting. The secret to your success--a good set of saltbox shed blueprints.

A professionally done set of saltbox shed blueprints will prove invaluable and will ensure that you get the cuts done correctly and with minimum fuss. They will also save you trips to the hardware store and lumber yard because they come with a complete materials list.

Autor: Jason Castle

Don't end up with a mess! This type of shed should only be built by following detailed saltbox shed blueprints. Otherwise, there is a good chance you will end up with an unsightly structure that will have the neighbors and your wife complaining. For a set of great plans go to

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Murphy Bed Plans - The 3 Main Benefits of Building Your Own Murphy Bed

Murphy bed plans are the very first thing you need to built the wall unit you want.There are many benefits in building your own murphy bed. You first of all make the most of your space if you live in a small apartment or condo, your are adding a great asset to your decor and by doing so you are saving an important amount of money.

Making Space

If your live in a small condominium apartment or a studio,you know how space fill up quickly.Living in a large city these days is very expensive and renting a small apartment is something you may have to do to make it work.The acquisition of a murphy bed gives you back that extra living space that you need so much in a small studio or condo.A bed you can fold allows you to quickly convert the living room to a bedroom for you of for guests, when having a second bedroom is not possible.That way your guests don't have to sleep on a floor mat and can enjoy the comfort of a real bed.

Enjoy the beauty of a wall unit

Wall units beds can be made in a huge variety of designs and materials.Wood being the most popular one, there are several kind of wood you can use to match the furniture you already own.Besides providing a great amount of storage space for your personal items such as television, sound system and books,the wall unit combo is the the most practical piece of furniture any small apartment owner should have.There are no better way to maximise limited living spaces.

Building instead of buying

If you go out and shop around for a murphy bed,you will soon find out that it is quite expensive. On the other hand, building your own with murphy bed plans is an option that gives you the freedom of choosing your own material and to really customised your bed to fit your space.They are not that complicated to build and you can find a kit including all the necessary hardware.The whole project will cost you about one third of the retail price of one already made.

Autor: Tim A. Davis

Building your own murphy bed is a great project but make sure that first you get your hands on a good set of murphy bed plans to find the design you really like before you begin. Go ahead and visit my page at to get your plans and to find out more about thousand of other DIY other projects you can do yourself besides murphy beds.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Building a Shed Ramp - Easier Than You Might Think!

If you have an elevated shed, you've probably found that you need a shed ramp. If you have a riding lawn mower, this is a definite necessity. However, the ones at the store can be expensive. Plus, the metal ones can be slippery when wet. Making your own is much cheaper, as well as a lot easier than you might think!

For building a shed ramp, you first need to figure out how much wood you need. To calculate how long the ramp should be, measure how high off the ground your shed is. You want the ramp to incline upwards at a rate of no more than three inches per foot. So if your shed is six inches off the ground, you need a two foot long ramp.

A ramp any steeper than this will cause you a lot of problems. First, the ramp will become slippery when wet or icy. If your ramp is too steep, your lawn mower is just going to slide back down it. Second, a steeper ramp will grind against the blades of your mower. This will damage both the lawn mower and your ramp.

The next step you need to take is to figure out how wide you want your ramp to be. It needs to be about 1 foot wider than your mower to give you a little room on each side. Once you know how wide and long of a ramp you need, you can get the wood for the frame.

For the frame, you'll want at least 4" x 4" pressure treated lumber. Set these at most 12 inches apart, so the ramp can support your weight and a 400 pound lawn mower. Over the frame, you'll place " pressure treated plywood for the surface. It's helpful to stick a layer of nonslip rubber matting over this to prevent accidents.

Building a shed ramp is simple. Lay out the 4" X 4"s 12 inches apart in the length you need the ramp to be. You may need to cut the ends off in order to match the level of the ground. Attach the plywood securely, making sure the screws are level with the plywood. Cover the surface of the ramp with the nonslip rubber. Secure the ramp to the shed and check the level to make sure it's not too steep.

Autor: Todd Albright

If you're interested in plans for shed ramps, as well as plans for just about any woodworking project you can think of, please visit Best Shed Plans. Not only can you learn how to build a ramp, you can learn how to make just about anything, from sheds to dog houses to jewelry boxes. It's a resource every handyman or woman should have.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flower Arrangements - Give it a Try

Flower arrangements can be really beautiful and add charm and cheerfulness to any living space. It can make people relax and calm and also adds excitement and that special touch to your room or to the house. it can be quite expensive to buy floral arrangements every now and then for your home and therefore you should give a try at arranging one yourself.

You do not need to have special skill and undertake special classes to learn to do floral arrangements. Although it is an art, many people just know what looks appealing and what does not. So based on your knowledge and creativity, you can definitely arrange a piece that you can keep in your home for your family members and visitors to admire.

If you really want to give it a try, you should first know what kind of arrangement you would like to make. There are numerous ideas available online and some even show step by step process of making floral arrangements. When you begin with the process, you should have a vase or a bowl with enough space where you are going to place the flowers. Maybe, you would like to get a vase which is a match to the color of your bedroom or your living room.

You can either get all the lovely flowers from your garden or work with artificial flowers. You can fill up your bowl or vase with marbles or water in case of real flowers. Next, you need to line up the flowers in a way that all the stems are proportional. You can tie them with a bow or a satin ribbon and place them in the vase. You can also add a nice bow to the vase and keep the arrangement you made in your room or your living space.

Autor: Koen B

This article is written by Koen B. He owns a number of websites and enjoys sharing information about his websites with readers. Not only does this author specialize in a large range of topics, you can also checkout his newest website on Edible Fruit Arrangement which also explains information about Fruit Flower Arrangements

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do-It-Yourselfers Need to Take a Chill Pill - Home Repair Safety

If you're the kind of do-it-yourselfers that is always in a hurry and doesn't have time to do anything, you need to read this article. If you're the type of do-it-yourselfers that understands everything about home repair safety and never does anything to jeopardize your personal safety or the safety of others, you can stop reading right here.

For those do-it-yourselfers that can't get enough and are always going 100 miles an hour, we need to stop and think about safety, even if it's only for only one minute. The next time that you throw the ladder up against the roof and climb up that as fast as you can with out properly securing it to the ground or building, you're jeopardizing your safety.

The next time that you pull a power tool out of the box and choose not to read the directions, you're also jeopardizing your safety. If you choose not to read the directions plug the power tool in and start using it incorrectly and someone else is watching, you're jeopardizing their safety also. You're showing the other person how to use the tool incorrectly and often tools that are used incorrectly creates safety problems for their users.

It's not just ladders and power tools, its building materials and lack of home repair knowledge. If you don't have enough knowledge to use the power tools, to assemble the building materials safely, you're creating a health hazard to you and anyone else involved in the home repair.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand how important home repair safety actually is. If you're not concerned about yourself, you should at least be concerned about those around you. You don't need to be in a big hurry, to finish a home repair project in a timely manner. You should always think safety and make sure that you read the directions, the next time you purchase a power tool.

Autor: Greg Vandenberge

Learn More About Your House And Prepare Yourself For Home Damage Emergencies

House Fire Prevention Tips and Ideas

Thanks For Reading My Articles

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Doghouse Plans - Plan to Make a Great Doghouse

Building your dog a home is probably one of the best ways that you can show how much you love him. Of course, you can always buy a ready-made kit or have a professional do the job for you. But making it yourself of course will be much more meaningful and not to mention more practical because it will save you lots of money. Some people think that making a dog house is something that is difficult to do. The truth is, it is not as hard as it seems and there are many doghouse plans available that will make the job easier.

Some people would insist that having a plan is not really necessary if you want to build a dog house. But many of these people have not experienced how to build a doghouse yet. Starting a DIY project without a plan is like venturing on a tour without a map. You could get lost along the way. You could also end up wasting precious time and money. Doghouse plans can actually save people several hundreds of dollars. These plans of course do not come free of charge, but they are a good investment if you really want to build a dog house the right way and without spending too much time and money.

Good doghouse plans will tell you exactly the materials that you will need. Some of these plans will also give you different options when it comes to design and specification. The most important feature of doghouse plans though is the step-by-step instructions that they provide. Having these doghouse plans around is like having someone help you build the doghouse.

Keep in mind that if you want to save money and time then you should choose among the many dog house plans available.

Autor: Jeb Greenback

The website I would recommend for Doghouse Plans and guides is They currently offer a 50% discount on the package with over 14,000 different plans and projects. Hop on over there now and see what all the fuss is about.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Get Small Horse Barn Plans to Build a Home For Your Horse

People who love horses treat them as part of the family. And this is why it is important to these people that their horses have a nice home. The best kind of gesture that you can do is to build the horse barn yourself. A small horse barn is not that difficult to do and there are many small horse barn plans available in the market that can help you accomplish your goal. Small horse barn plans can be bought in specialty bookstores. You can even conveniently get one online. If you own a horse and you love it dearly, then you should seriously consider building him his home with your own two hands.

There are many advantages to building the barn yourself instead of having a professional do it for you. For one, if you will build your barn, you will be able to determine the specifications that you want. You will be able to make sure that the barn is comfortable, roomy, pleasant and, most importantly, safe for your beloved horse.

Building a barn with the help of small horse barn plans is a good bonding activity in which the whole family can participate. The resulting structure will of course be something special for you, your family and your horse. It will be a special project that all of you will remember for a long time.

What can you expect from your small barn plans for a horse? The good ones will have everything that you will need to know about building a small barn. You will learn about the best location for your barn as well as the most ideal materials to use.

Good small barn plans for a horse are really indispensable for this kind of project.

Autor: Jeb Greenback

The website I would recommend for Small Horse Barn Plans and guides is They currently offer a 50% discount on the package with over 14,000 plans and projects. Perfect for saving time, money and stress.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shed Blueprints - Free Or Paid?

It really doesn't need saying that a good set of plans will assist any type of wood working project making the whole job much smoother and will actually end up saving you money. However, should that savings begin with a free set of blueprints?

I decided to go for a set of free tool shed blueprints a little while back and I have to say I got what I paid for. There was no material list or cut charts and I could barely make out all the childlike scribble that was supposed to be detailed drawings.

Well, free may be affordable but could be costly when it comes to the design aspect of your outdoor project. Most free plans do not conform to local building codes and they really are quite worthless in my opinion.

Just think, if someone goes to the trouble and expense of designing a structure that is both sound and functional and is engineered to meet local building codes wouldn't it make sense that they would charge for their work?

Of course it would! And it is well worth it to have a clear direction in which to head and a detailed set of plans to accompany you along the way from beginning to end. Truth is you will actually save money in material cost by knowing exactly how much timber you need to buy.

You also get a chart on how to cut your wood, the sizes of all the pieces so you do not have a bunch of scrap wood from measuring mistakes.

If you were starting out on a journey to somewhere you had never been before in your car you wouldn't just get in and drive would you? You would look up where you were going and plan a route. Or at very least take a map or satnav with you.

Do the same with your woodworking projects, don't fly by the seat of your pants, invest a small amount in a professional set of plans.

Autor: David Shule

Building a small shed is a cheap and easy solution to a whole host of storage problems and a great project for anyone to take on, all you need is set of Shed Blueprints. It doesn't have to stop with a garden shed either, get your hands on 1000's of step-by-step woodworking plans, makes a great present. Get immediate access here

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Make Home Improvements to Make Your Home More Appealing

You can start to make simple changes to make your home more appealing by changing the interior and exterior to move in with the latest trends as it sure is not easy for everyone to afford the cost of renovation or building a new home. But you can sure upgrade your home by making home improvement change so that everything can be done in an affordable way.

Plus it is always profitable to invest in upgrading your home as this helps to increases the market value of your property and you sure can reap the rewards in the long run. Making little home improvements will also improve the overall appearance of your homes and these ways are cost effective and simple to follow.

Maintaining the exterior of your home with regular painting job and repairing the plumbing faults will help to increase the value of your house. You should always keep your front door painted and stained as these simple tips will help to highlight your front entrance without the cost of having them replaced. The slow cost improvements will surely help to bring lifestyle changes to your home and make them look elegant classy.

Your window shutters and doors should also be regularly painted as a slight improvement can change their plain look and make them more welcoming. You also need to get your walkways repaired so that your home exterior looks perfect and will also add value to your property because a well maintained home always has more value.

You can also buy all the required amenities for your home improvement from the different stores that will help to change the look of your home. Covering your damaged floor with a new carpet can also bring a refreshing change in your living room or dining room. You can also get a legate window installed to enhance the exterior view and give you the chance to see the surroundings with a glance and keep an eye on the neighborhood. You can buy new kitchen appliances or change your bathroom fixtures to give them a new look and get things repaired in the process.

Plus you can install a new garage door or a new light fixture these are things that can make your home look more appealing and attractive without costing much. You sure can afford to make these home improvements to give a new look to your lovely and comfortable homes.

Contact a reliable contractor for your home improvement and you can avail the internet as there are many online contractors that quote prices through their online sites and this way you can avail the services of a low cost home improvement contractor for your home and because of the tough competition in these economic conditions you will surely get economically priced services. Working in your budget is always a wise decision because it is the successful way to handle your home improvement job in a perfect way otherwise you may end up with a lot of unpaid expenses and will have financial problems too.

Take a walk round your house and make a quiet appraisal and imagine the difference that a low cost home improvement can do for your home.

Autor: Henry Jeon

Henry has been writing articles for nearly 3 years. His newest interest is in under cabinet toaster ovens. So check out his latest website that discusses under cabinet toaster oven deals and other information, as well as the Kitchenaid toaster oven, so you can make the best choice for your kitchen.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hexagon Picnic Table Plans - Can You Do Without Them?

There is nothing like a DIY project to get you creative juices flowing. One of the easiest DIY project to tackle is a table for picnics, when it comes to these tables, nothing is quite as nice looking as one that is hexagon-shaped. Tables like that are very easy to make. All you need are some tools, time on your hands and some good hexagon picnic table plans to follow. Make sure you buy your hexagon picnic table plans from a reputable website or woodworking plan dealer.

If you think getting a hexagon picnic table plan is a waste of time and money then why don't you try building a picnic table without one. For sure, you will commit plenty of mistakes along the way. Mistakes that you would have avoided if you have a good plan on hand. The truth is, plans are like maps and your destination is to make a table for picnics that you and your family will use and enjoy for a long time. You may still get to your destination without a plan but it will definitely be a bumpy ride.

Apart from being fun, DIY projects can also be a good bonding activity for the whole family. Instead of letting your kids play outside, ask them to help you out with building the table. Your kids will definitely welcome the change of activities. And they will definitely be excited once they see the product of their own sweat. Everytime that you will use the table, all of you will be reminded of the day when you made it. It is also a good chance for you to teach them how to follow plans. Let them read the hexagon picnic table plans and see if they understand the instructions and are able to follow them.

Autor: Jeb Greenback

The website I would recommend for Hexagon Picnic Table Plans and guides is You can download plans instantly and they currently offer a 50% discount on the whole package with over 14,000 different projects. That should keep you busy for years to come.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

10 Home DIY Project Ideas For the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time to spend with loved ones, relax and generally unwind, but for many of us the time will also be spent doing various do it yourself projects around the house. If you are struggling for ideas, here are 10 home diy project ideas for the holiday season to get you going.

1. Create extra storage space - Storage is big problem for most households and there's never seems to be enough to go around. If you have plenty of out-door space consider building a simple shed to store anything from garden equipment to travel luggage.

2. Paint some walls - If you are looking for an easy and quick do it yourself project which will really transform the look if your home, nothing beats a fresh coat of paint.

3. Hide the home cinema wires - Wiring your home cinema is normally the only step people take. To create the perfect home cinema experience hide the wires leading from the TV set to the various sockets.

4. Put up a wallpaper - Haven't you heard? Wallpapers are back. The reason why wallpapers are once again popular is because unlike painting where to achieve a shaped design you need time (and skill), with wallpaper you can simply glue a ready made design.

5. Put up shelves - Shelving makes a welcome addition to any living room to store books, bathroom to store his and hers bathroom accessories and of course to children rooms for neatly storing away all the toys.

6. Upgrade your home security - Creating a homely feeling is very much about creating safely as well as feeling welcome. To make your home more secure you could look at upgrading your locks, adding out door lighting and installing a wireless alarm system.

7. Rejuvenate your floors - After years of traffic there's a good chance your floors are looking nothing like when they were new. If you have carpets consider taking the time to remove those pesky stains and if you have wooden floors look to re-coat them which is quite a simply process.

8. Upgrade your safety - If you haven't already, install smoking detectors in various locations around your home and child proof areas which gave you a scare during the year. Test existing smoking detectors and replace their batteries often.

9. Create an office at home - Chances are like many people nowadays you are bringing some work home with you. To create a better working environment set up your personal space by creating a simple office at home.

10. Build an out-door deck - If the weather permits of course, adding decking to you garden will add class and transform it to a sanctuary where you can escape from the day to day rat race of life. Installing garden decking is easier then you think and many decking boards come semi-installed.

Enjoy the holiday season.

Autor: Michelle Strassburg

Michelle Strassburg is Head of Marketing at wood and beyond. Sellers of high quality wood worktops.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

How to Save Big and Make Your Fan Like New

Most people don't take the time to clean their fans, instead deciding it's easier to spend another twenty dollars and getting a new one, but all it takes is a few minutes of work and you're guaranteed a fan that will be blowing air like it's new.

After a single summer you can be left with a fan so full of gunk and dust that it may seem like you're not even getting a breeze out of it, a good cleaning is all it takes to fix it right up, at least doubling it's lifespan if you had thoughts of throwing it out.

You're going to need to get a few things together to start. A screw driver, whatever size you need to get your particular model apart, some paper towels, a brush to dust with, a multi surface or all purpose cleaner, an old toothbrush, and steel wool.

First you'll want to remove the grills covering the fan blade. You might have to wiggle the power cord loose, if it's attached by a rubber ring to the grill, just make sure you keep the seal, and the screws for that matter someplace safe while you're working so you don't lose them.

Once you have the motor free, begin by using a brush to clean all the caked off dust from it. If you're doing this indoors, make sure it's over paper towels, or someplace you're comfortable cleaning afterward, since the dust will be falling to the floor. The place I find this easiest to do is in the shower, where everything can be rinsed away afterward. Spray a rag or paper towels with your cleaner, wiping down each blade individually. Be careful not to get any cleaning solution into the motor, that's why you should spray the towel or rag, and not the blades directly. If you simply brush off the blades, dust will collect much more quickly than if you get it cleaned completely.

The grills are next. Brush off the larger bits of debris, spraying them down afterward with your cleaner. Then use a toothbrush, or any brush you have that will fit through the slats and clean out all visible dirt and grime, finally wiping down with paper towels.

You're nearly done. Give everything a final wipe down with a paper towel, making sure you got everything, and that it's dry. Finally reassemble, and that's it. It should be looking like new, and working like new too.

Since most people don't bother doing this, you can probably cruise through your neighborhood after summer or spring, when the weather's cooling down and snag a perfectly good fan for free, using the above method to get it in working order again!

Autor: Jamie Ellerman

Jamie Ellerman is a all knowing king at saving money in all things cleaning related. Check out one of this latest sites about Electrolux Oxygen. Come and visit it

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Outdoor Wood Storage Shed - Ramp Tips to Avoid a Fatal Injury

Congratulations, you have either purchased a prebuilt shed or built your own shed but now you are asking yourself, "How am I going to get my lawn mower and other backyard garden equipment into the shed without pulling and straining my back?"

The answer is simple - consider building a shed ramp.

Warning: if you don not build your ramp correctly it can easily break apart under your weight or the equipment's weight as you go over the ramp. Also, if the slope is slippery when wet it can cause serious injury to yourself or family.

Ramp Tips to Avoid Fatal Injuries

The following tips are based on my research online and from the numerous wood storage shed plans I have purchased over the years for my previous homes.

1. Rate of Incline

When constructing your ramp consider building it with an incline rate of 3 inches per vertical foot. Any steeper than that and you can cause some serious damage to the ramp.

For example, if you have a riding lawn mower like myself with a belly blade on it your can hit the blade against a steep ramp.

Also I have noticed that during days with high moisture a thin layer of algae can grow on the surface of the ramp. If your ramp has a steep incline the surface can get as slippery as ice and you can easily injure yourself.

Worse if the entrance is open and you slip into the shed with all the gardening equipment on the floor!

2. Dealing with Slipping

At a minimum, for the ramp framing you should use 4" x 4" pressure treated lumber and set them part no more than 12" apart with pressure treated plywood for the surface. For even more protection I would recommend using non-skid or a real rubber surface on the ramp surface to avoid slipping.

Metal shed ramps are just as slippery when wet and can be quite expensive. A DIY wooden ramp can be safer and effective if built properly.

As you have already realized that any shed that you construct will need some type of ramp. If your shed is off the ground by a foot or so you will definitely need a ramp to drive any kind of machine into your wooden storage shed.

Not to forget that a ramp with a gentle incline can also be easy on the knees since you will not have to lift anything into the storage shed.

Autor: A. N. DSilva

Look, now before you go and start building a shed ramp, I'm sure you already know that there are ramp designs available to ensure safety.

Before you do something rash you need to review outdoor wood storage shed ramp options available so that you build it right the first time.

You can also get a free outdoor wood storage shed plan here:

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Power4Home Review

A commercially installed solar and wind power system could put you several thousand dollars out of pocket. So you might as well forget the hope of saving money on electricity as it could literally take years before you recoup your investment. An alternative and significantly cheaper method is of course to go down the do it yourself route.

The Power4Home System is a do-it-yourself guide to building wind generators and solar panels for homeowners. It is a popular solar & wind turbine system that comes in a single package. The biggest eye popping feature is that the package comes in a very affordable price.

What are the Benefits You Get:

* power4homeCut electricity consumption every month by 80%
* Get the chance to eliminate electric bill completely
* Help the Earth survive a bit more
* Feel satisfaction after setting up the entire system

Who's the Genius behind These Benefits?

Power4Home was conceptualized and became a reality through the efforts of John Russel, the man behind the success of Power4Home. He is responsible for off the grid electricity generating devices that most people are using today. Through his efforts in developing Power4Home through years of hard work, he was able to build a solar energy source and wind power source that have really helped a lot of people save electricity costs. Kudos to Mr. Russel!

A Really Cheap Cost

Would you believe that Power4Home offers an off the grid system that costs for only $200? Only $200!

This price comprises your wind turbine and your solar system. The expensive nature of alternative sources of energy has always been a concern for homeowners. A lot of people have planned and have really wanted to secure a solar panel or a wind turbine for their homes, but the hindrance was often the price. Now, with Power4Home, they could actually acquire one at a price that could make them smile.

How it Works

Power4Home will give you the basic instructions from the acquisition of the materials you need up to the construction of your power savers.

You could build your own solar power system for as low as $125. You would not need to import anything because all the materials that you would need for its construction could be found at a hardware store. Your power system could be used to power up your appliances at home. You could also bring it with you when you are on the road or on a picnic.

They also include a guide for you to make wind turbines as your backup system in cases of rain or cloudy days. The beauty is that it costs for only $50.

You have two options when you utilize Power4Home, you could stay permanently off the grid and say goodbye to your electrical bills, or you could have the options of being on the grid sometimes or off the grid at times, but you are surely saving either way.

The instructions are so easy that you do not need to be an engineer to build one.

You will also be taught how to store the energy for future use.

Why Power4Home?

Power4Home is a very affordable off the grid power system since it only costs $200. Your $200 includes both the solar power system and your wind turbine which serves as the backup to your solar power. Materials are locally available and the instruction is very easy to understand and implement. It will also be a small income generating venture, so start building your own power saving devices now.

Autor: Stephen T Johnson

Stephen is a DIY enthusiast who specializes in finding cheap alternative ways of generating free energy for your home. Check out his site that shows you how to live off the grid - Also discover the secrets to generating electricity from wind power for homes and slash your electricity bills.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to Install an Attic Ladder

If you have an attic, it can be a great place for storage. However, there aren't always easy accesses to an attic which can make storage a challenging task to achieve. Having a ladder access to your attic can be extremely helpful to solve this problem. You can learn how to install an attic ladder with these easy directions.

The first step is to measure out a square and then chalk it. You can measure out 54 inches for the length of the stairs and 22 - 1/2" for the width. You will chalk the area by snapping a chalk line. The next step is to cut the square piece out of your ceiling using a reciprocating saw. Make sure to cut along the chalk lines and you can get started by gently tapping the blade into the drywall.

After that you are going to make the header boards. This can be done by measuring two 2" x 6" boards and cutting them. You will need a pneumatic nail gun to help you attach these header boards. Next, you will need to create the support boards. These boards will help when you hoist up the stair assembly into the attic. You should leave approximately 1/4" lip for your attic assembly to lie on.

Now, you will want to shim the supports. You should probably have someone below the attic helping to place the attic assembly onto the supports so you don't get stuck in the attic. You will want to pull the stairs until the hinges extend. Make sure that the stair assembly is level and shim as needed between the stair frame and joists. Once you have everything lined up, you will wants to drill the screws through the shims to keep them placed.

The final step is to secure the ladder. You can do this after ensuring the ladder extends to its proper place level with the floor. You will drill holes through the food and ladder rail to secure it with the bolt provided with your assembly. Now you are done! Enjoy your newly installed attic ladder and the benefits that go along with it.

Autor: Jacob Stoltz

To learn more DIY projects including how to install attic stair insulation, visit

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Friday, January 1, 2010

How to Successfully Plan a DIY Project

Suppose you have a great home project idea, and you think you can do it yourself; you're not sure if you can pull it off, but in theory, it sounds doable. There's certainly a risk involved with doing a home project by yourself, but the joy of using a new, improved kitchen, bathroom, or what have you - it's an accomplished feeling that millions of people experience nationwide. The following are tips on carrying out a successful DIY project. Knowing these tips and following them will ensure that your idea can finally become reality.

1) Identify what it is you're working on. What need are you addressing here? If there's no necessity in your project, what desire would you fulfill if you're successful? Having motivation to do a DIY assignment is key to doing something well. But first and foremost, you need to know what you're working with.

2) Make a list of things you'll need, and a list of things you already have. Write an approximate timeline of how you think things will go. Here's an example: "Need new shelves in the living room. Must buy: 20 screws, new drill bits, shelves at IKEA. Already have: screwdriver, drill, vacuum for cleanup. 1pm-2pm: hit the Home Depot; 2pm-230pm: remove old shelves; 230-4pm: install new shelves; clean up by 4:30pm." Some projects can take a few days (landscaping, for instance). Make sure you allot time for lunch and water breaks if it'll require a lot of energy. Regardless, nothing can delay your project like having to go to the home improvement store more than once for any one particular project.

3) Wear appropriate clothes, and don't be afraid to ask for help! Family members can always lend you a hand in a DIY project.

As a homeowner, it's natural to be afraid of screwing up and not getting a project done. No one wants to start redoing their bathroom or kitchen and end up with nothing but torn-up walls and exposed plumbing. Asking a professional can benefit your cause, but may be costly, and therefore defeat the purpose of doing a home project by yourself. Check your contact book and see if anyone you know has any relative knowledge in whatever it is you're trying to do. However, if you approach a DIY task with a go-getter attitude, and tell yourself that it must be done (and more importantly, WHY it must be done), you will be successful.

Autor: Tom V Powell

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Added: January 1, 2010