Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shed Blueprints - Free Or Paid?

It really doesn't need saying that a good set of plans will assist any type of wood working project making the whole job much smoother and will actually end up saving you money. However, should that savings begin with a free set of blueprints?

I decided to go for a set of free tool shed blueprints a little while back and I have to say I got what I paid for. There was no material list or cut charts and I could barely make out all the childlike scribble that was supposed to be detailed drawings.

Well, free may be affordable but could be costly when it comes to the design aspect of your outdoor project. Most free plans do not conform to local building codes and they really are quite worthless in my opinion.

Just think, if someone goes to the trouble and expense of designing a structure that is both sound and functional and is engineered to meet local building codes wouldn't it make sense that they would charge for their work?

Of course it would! And it is well worth it to have a clear direction in which to head and a detailed set of plans to accompany you along the way from beginning to end. Truth is you will actually save money in material cost by knowing exactly how much timber you need to buy.

You also get a chart on how to cut your wood, the sizes of all the pieces so you do not have a bunch of scrap wood from measuring mistakes.

If you were starting out on a journey to somewhere you had never been before in your car you wouldn't just get in and drive would you? You would look up where you were going and plan a route. Or at very least take a map or satnav with you.

Do the same with your woodworking projects, don't fly by the seat of your pants, invest a small amount in a professional set of plans.

Autor: David Shule

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Added: January 13, 2010