Saturday, January 9, 2010

10 Home DIY Project Ideas For the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time to spend with loved ones, relax and generally unwind, but for many of us the time will also be spent doing various do it yourself projects around the house. If you are struggling for ideas, here are 10 home diy project ideas for the holiday season to get you going.

1. Create extra storage space - Storage is big problem for most households and there's never seems to be enough to go around. If you have plenty of out-door space consider building a simple shed to store anything from garden equipment to travel luggage.

2. Paint some walls - If you are looking for an easy and quick do it yourself project which will really transform the look if your home, nothing beats a fresh coat of paint.

3. Hide the home cinema wires - Wiring your home cinema is normally the only step people take. To create the perfect home cinema experience hide the wires leading from the TV set to the various sockets.

4. Put up a wallpaper - Haven't you heard? Wallpapers are back. The reason why wallpapers are once again popular is because unlike painting where to achieve a shaped design you need time (and skill), with wallpaper you can simply glue a ready made design.

5. Put up shelves - Shelving makes a welcome addition to any living room to store books, bathroom to store his and hers bathroom accessories and of course to children rooms for neatly storing away all the toys.

6. Upgrade your home security - Creating a homely feeling is very much about creating safely as well as feeling welcome. To make your home more secure you could look at upgrading your locks, adding out door lighting and installing a wireless alarm system.

7. Rejuvenate your floors - After years of traffic there's a good chance your floors are looking nothing like when they were new. If you have carpets consider taking the time to remove those pesky stains and if you have wooden floors look to re-coat them which is quite a simply process.

8. Upgrade your safety - If you haven't already, install smoking detectors in various locations around your home and child proof areas which gave you a scare during the year. Test existing smoking detectors and replace their batteries often.

9. Create an office at home - Chances are like many people nowadays you are bringing some work home with you. To create a better working environment set up your personal space by creating a simple office at home.

10. Build an out-door deck - If the weather permits of course, adding decking to you garden will add class and transform it to a sanctuary where you can escape from the day to day rat race of life. Installing garden decking is easier then you think and many decking boards come semi-installed.

Enjoy the holiday season.

Autor: Michelle Strassburg

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