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Power4Home Review

A commercially installed solar and wind power system could put you several thousand dollars out of pocket. So you might as well forget the hope of saving money on electricity as it could literally take years before you recoup your investment. An alternative and significantly cheaper method is of course to go down the do it yourself route.

The Power4Home System is a do-it-yourself guide to building wind generators and solar panels for homeowners. It is a popular solar & wind turbine system that comes in a single package. The biggest eye popping feature is that the package comes in a very affordable price.

What are the Benefits You Get:

* power4homeCut electricity consumption every month by 80%
* Get the chance to eliminate electric bill completely
* Help the Earth survive a bit more
* Feel satisfaction after setting up the entire system

Who's the Genius behind These Benefits?

Power4Home was conceptualized and became a reality through the efforts of John Russel, the man behind the success of Power4Home. He is responsible for off the grid electricity generating devices that most people are using today. Through his efforts in developing Power4Home through years of hard work, he was able to build a solar energy source and wind power source that have really helped a lot of people save electricity costs. Kudos to Mr. Russel!

A Really Cheap Cost

Would you believe that Power4Home offers an off the grid system that costs for only $200? Only $200!

This price comprises your wind turbine and your solar system. The expensive nature of alternative sources of energy has always been a concern for homeowners. A lot of people have planned and have really wanted to secure a solar panel or a wind turbine for their homes, but the hindrance was often the price. Now, with Power4Home, they could actually acquire one at a price that could make them smile.

How it Works

Power4Home will give you the basic instructions from the acquisition of the materials you need up to the construction of your power savers.

You could build your own solar power system for as low as $125. You would not need to import anything because all the materials that you would need for its construction could be found at a hardware store. Your power system could be used to power up your appliances at home. You could also bring it with you when you are on the road or on a picnic.

They also include a guide for you to make wind turbines as your backup system in cases of rain or cloudy days. The beauty is that it costs for only $50.

You have two options when you utilize Power4Home, you could stay permanently off the grid and say goodbye to your electrical bills, or you could have the options of being on the grid sometimes or off the grid at times, but you are surely saving either way.

The instructions are so easy that you do not need to be an engineer to build one.

You will also be taught how to store the energy for future use.

Why Power4Home?

Power4Home is a very affordable off the grid power system since it only costs $200. Your $200 includes both the solar power system and your wind turbine which serves as the backup to your solar power. Materials are locally available and the instruction is very easy to understand and implement. It will also be a small income generating venture, so start building your own power saving devices now.

Autor: Stephen T Johnson

Stephen is a DIY enthusiast who specializes in finding cheap alternative ways of generating free energy for your home. Check out his site that shows you how to live off the grid - Also discover the secrets to generating electricity from wind power for homes and slash your electricity bills.

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