Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to Install an Attic Ladder

If you have an attic, it can be a great place for storage. However, there aren't always easy accesses to an attic which can make storage a challenging task to achieve. Having a ladder access to your attic can be extremely helpful to solve this problem. You can learn how to install an attic ladder with these easy directions.

The first step is to measure out a square and then chalk it. You can measure out 54 inches for the length of the stairs and 22 - 1/2" for the width. You will chalk the area by snapping a chalk line. The next step is to cut the square piece out of your ceiling using a reciprocating saw. Make sure to cut along the chalk lines and you can get started by gently tapping the blade into the drywall.

After that you are going to make the header boards. This can be done by measuring two 2" x 6" boards and cutting them. You will need a pneumatic nail gun to help you attach these header boards. Next, you will need to create the support boards. These boards will help when you hoist up the stair assembly into the attic. You should leave approximately 1/4" lip for your attic assembly to lie on.

Now, you will want to shim the supports. You should probably have someone below the attic helping to place the attic assembly onto the supports so you don't get stuck in the attic. You will want to pull the stairs until the hinges extend. Make sure that the stair assembly is level and shim as needed between the stair frame and joists. Once you have everything lined up, you will wants to drill the screws through the shims to keep them placed.

The final step is to secure the ladder. You can do this after ensuring the ladder extends to its proper place level with the floor. You will drill holes through the food and ladder rail to secure it with the bolt provided with your assembly. Now you are done! Enjoy your newly installed attic ladder and the benefits that go along with it.

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Added: January 3, 2010