Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Build Solar Panels to Harness the Sun's Energy For Free!

Solar panels used to be considered quite exotic and brought up visions of space ships and future ways of getting energy. They were also relatively inefficient compared to today's modern versions. The panels are a collection of photo cells designed to take in the sun's rays even when the sun isn't out and store those rays in batteries to be used to power electrical systems in homes of businesses. These days panels are smaller more efficient and produce a lot more power. That power is free and that is certainly the main attraction for most people to going solar.

There are solar panels all around you and you may not even realize it. If you look around you will see panels on street signs, timed lights, even those signs you see on the highway telling you to slow down. Local and State governments save tons of money using those things. All that kind of equipment was formerly powered by gas generators or electrical batteries. With solar, that equipment is totally self-contained and once set up costs absolutely nothing to run. Even car shades made to keep the sun off of windshields have solar powered fans to keep the car cool in the summer. That would have been unheard of 20 years ago because of the size of the panels.

Now everyone can use solar panels to power their homes and businesses. Panels are so advanced these days that it's easy and affordable to set up a solar system unlike in the old days. The panels are small and provide and amazing amount of power. Just a few panels can power your entire home. You can even install them yourself. There are kits available that show you exactly what to do to get going with solar. It used to take a technician to install solar panels in homes.

Solar panels are great for so many reasons but probably what strikes people most is that once installed there are no more costs. The Sun's power is free and the equipment will pay for itself in months because there are no more electric or hot water bills to deal with. And, since the Sun's power is clean and renewable you are doing the economy a favor to. Not being reliant on fossil fuel based electricity means you are reducing your carbon foot print. That means you're saving green all over the place!

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