Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good Solar Panel Plans - Fail-Proof Approach to Choosing the Right DIY Plans

Good solar panel plans are far and few in between. If you decide to build your own solar panels as a home energy solution, then getting your hands on a good set of plans is critically important. The last thing you need is a plan that confuses you more than it helps. Read on as we take a closer look at what goes into a set of good solar panel plans.

Ease Of Use

A good set of plans should give you complete instructions that walk you through the entire process, step-by-step. If you lack technical or DIY experience, then a 'dummies' guide will be very helpful. This can come in the form of instructional videos that show you everything you need to know.

Parts & Material List

Ideally the plan should also contain a full listing of components, materials and tools that you need. You may already have these around your home. Otherwise, most good plans will tell you where to get these easily and cheaply.

Technical Support

How would you like if you need technical assistance halfway through your project and there is no one to turn to? The availability of technical support is an absolute must. Help should minimally be available either through phone call or email.

Money-back Guarantee And Lifetime Updates

I must say this is something lacking in the home energy efficiency market. But there ARE some instructional plans that come complete with unconditional money-back guarantees and lifetime member updates, without additional charges. Without a doubt, this is product quality assurance at its best!

The best thing about building your own solar panel system is the huge cost savings you'll gain over professional installation. And choosing a set of good solar panel plans will also put you well on the way to massive savings on your monthly utility bills!

Autor: Dave Keller

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P.S. Did I also mention that state governments are now offering GENEROUS tax incentives for homeowners who convert to using homemade solar power?

Added: April 1, 2009