Monday, March 30, 2009

You Too Can Build Tiki Bar Ambiance in Your Own Home

We have all heard of the classic basement bar, a few stools a keg or two, some over bearing neon drink lights and you are in business. However, since basement bars are typically found in cooler climates, if you live in a warmer region what is your alternative. The alternative would likely be a tiki bar, an island counterpart to a basement bar; only these bars are not typically inside and for all intent and purposes are much more festive than the average basement bar. However, if all you know of home bars is the basement bar, then to build tiki bar ambiance you will need to change your whole way of thinking.

While a basement bar usually has a roof over it, a tiki bar is typically a freestanding unit with a roof that is more decorative than necessary and will be located somewhere outside. To build tiki bar roofs you will need cedar for the frame and sable palm fronds for covering as well as a thin protective net to prevent wind damage and roof shredding.

In a typical basement bar, you have the luxury of either purchasing a pre-existing bar, perhaps for a bar that is no longer in business or you can build one with whatever wood or materials you see fit. However, to build tiki bar tops and the bar itself you are going to need particular woods that do well out in the elements. One particular type of wood that is normally recommended is Douglas Fir. While Douglas Firs are most notably a Christmas tree, this particular wood does very well in the unpredictable weather of warmer climates. Helping this wood to last for many years to come is the recommended application of almost nine coats of marine grade varnish for the bar top and cabinets.

To build tiki bar stools, if you are a real do it yourself kind of person, you can purchase books on the subject, or download online tutorials on how to construct the seating. If you are not so ambitious then you can easily find more than enough resources by which you can choose and purchase the right stools for your tiki bar.

Purchasing or building a tiki bar is not difficult and in fact, it can be fun, especially when it comes to decorating your bar. From the lighting to the music to the tiki inspired bar accessories, all of this can be as entertaining to put together as it is to pull up a stool and enjoy a cold refreshing adult beverage.

Autor: Rick Harding

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