Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DIY Photovoltaic Panels - Your Brilliant Home Solar Power Solution!

DIY photovoltaic panels are becoming very popular among homeowners as the perfect home energy solution without the high cost. These panels are especially useful if your home receives lots of sunlight. Installing photovoltaic panels for residences used to be a very costly affair. But with the introduction of DIY solar panel technology, the average homeowner now can easily afford it.

DIY work is not for everyone. But if you're handy with tools, or don't mind a little elbow grease, this will be a fun weekend project for you and your family. Like any home DIY improvement work, this will require you to do some wood work, soldering and electrical wiring.

For best results, your home should face south. The panels should be installed on the roof, but if that is not possible, you can do the same in your garden or backyard, as long as there is not obstruction to direct sunlight (such as trees).

To build your own DIY photovoltaic panels with minimal fuss, you'll need a step-by-step instruction guide. Many of these have been recently developed for DIY enthusiasts who want to create their own renewable energy at low cost. These guides provide everything you need to know and come with complete illustrations and details. If you're a visual learner, go with one that provides video instructions too. You'll literally see how everything is done to the last detail.

Most of these guides are not expensive. Even the top-notch ones with video instructions cost under $50...a real drop in the bucket for quality information that will quickly pay for itself. The entire project should not cost more than $200, including parts and materials which you can gather cheaply from local retailers or even the internet (think ebay).

Building your own DIY photovoltaic panels offers you the convenience to customize your home energy solution. You decide how many panels you need...you can even go completely off grid if you want!

Autor: Dave Keller

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P.S. Did I also mention that state governments are now offering GENEROUS tax incentives for homeowners who convert to using solar power?

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