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Shades - So Many Stores, So Many Options

Once the decision to go out and buy roller shades, cellular shades or bamboo shades has been made, whether it is for the home or the workplace, all the particulars about the product and how it is to be used should be taken into consideration. Consideration should be given if all the window treatments, in this case shades, should be the same or different and what potential consequences may occur, the type of retailer the consumer should choose for the particular window shade type and how the decision will impact the space where they are to be installed.

Over time, paint stores have added additional products such as wall decor, flooring, wall paper and other accessories. Some paint stores have also added window treatment products yet their main product line and knowledge base remains in the paint industry. Initially, one would think that it makes sense that a retailer who is involved in the design of living/working spaces should/could also get involved in other products which are also integrally a part of the act of designing yet it is very important for the consumer to deal with retailers who are fully versed on all the products offered for sale and are also able to educate the consumer on their use and benefits. Window treatments such as roller shades and bamboo shades must be fabricated to exact tolerances and knowledge of their operation and installation may perhaps be best left to a retailer who only specializes in window treatments.

Shades, as in bamboo shades and other types of window treatments, are also found for sale in hardware stores and home centers which sell thousands of other products which are carried in inventory and sold off the shelf. When choosing shades or other types of window treatments, one must always remember that the highest quality and the proper fit will always be found in custom made shades and blinds and not in ready made products which are then cut down to size. These ready made products are mostly made overseas using high speed production methods without special attention to specific dimensions and detail and with lower quality components. Ready made shades emphasize price over quality.

In addition to paint stores and general merchandise centers, another source of window shades is interior designers. And although interior designers normally offer a home service which includes measuring and installation services, their large product offerings are oftentimes directed to a specific product offering which could exclude the full selection of products and are geared to provide the greatest profit margin for the designer. Additionally, the so called "free" service is an expense overhead which must be recovered if one is to operate a profitable business and thus included in the cost of the product. Oftentimes installation is offered as "free" yet its cost must somehow be covered in the total sale for as we know - nobody works for free.

Internet retailers are a good source for shades and all types of window treatments, including roller shades and bamboo shades. An Internet retailer will not offer free home service, measuring or installation, but reputable Internet retailers, who are conscious of the consumers' needs and seek repeat business and recommendations, do offer instructions on how to measure and install their shades as part of their website services in addition to a full collection of their products. Internet retailers' products are most likely custom made for a perfect fit thus ensuring a perfect fit by simply following the installation instructions. The greatest benefit to consumers when shopping on line comes in the way of money savings due to the reduced overhead Internet retailers enjoy which are passed on to the online shoppers.

In summary, window shades should not be purchased in the same way as buying a pair of pants or a dress. Detailed attention should be paid to color, style, fit, quality, operation, installation, and warranty and customer service after the sale. Partnering with a good retailer may be valuable in the future.

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