Friday, March 6, 2009

Do Not Build a Chicken Coop Without This 1 Critical Step

The first step to building a chicken coop is planning properly. There are many common errors when building a chicken coop. Here are some tips to help you avoid those mistakes and begin enjoying the benefits of raising chickens!

The very first thing to determine is how many chickens and hens will this coop house? The most common mistake is building a coop too small. The rule of thumb is generally that there should be 4 square feet per bird. So if you plan on having 4 birds you should have a coop at least 4' x 4'. Some say it can be smaller but for healthy chickens and the best eggs, building a bigger coop is better if you have the room.

The other thing to consider in relation to the size and design when building your chicken coop is your own access! You will want easy access to clean, collect eggs, feed, and water.

Now that you have the size of the chicken coop, where are you going to put it? You cannot simply build a chicken coop wherever you have room. Your chicken coop should be in a high place to avoid puddling or flooding due to rain or even cleaning. One hint on this subject might be to build your chicken coop with a very slight slant in the floor as well as the roof for proper drainage. No one wants to deal with a damp, cranky chicken!

You want to build a chicken coop where the windows face the south. Yes, when you build your chicken coop, you need windows for proper ventilation. With the windows of your coop facing south, it will allow for cooling ventilation in the summers and will help to keep warmth in during the winters. Depending on the climate where you are building your chicken coop, you may want to use slider windows in a cooler climate. For a warmer climate, you may be able to get away with using wire netting, chicken wire, mesh, etc.

Now that your chickens will be protected from the elements inside the chicken coop you have built, it is important to protect them from predators. You should give the chickens ample room to move but you need to create a perimeter around your coop with chicken wire fencing that is buried into the ground 12 inches and above ground about 4 feet high. This will keep other animals from burrowing underneath or getting over the fence. Some chicken coops are built with wire over the top of the fencing as well to protect from hawks or owls. These steps will not only help with the chickens safety but also from diseases spread by other animals.

There you have it build a chicken coop and can start enjoying bountiful fresh eggs and experience the rewards of raising chickens in your own backyard!

Autor: Kendall Jackson
Added: March 6, 2009