Saturday, March 28, 2009

Utility Shed Plans - Tips For Selecting and Using Utility Shed Plans to Enhance Your Yard

Are you running out of space in your house or garage, or tired of dealing with the clutter of loose yard equipment? If so, consider using utility shed plans to easily build an attractive structure to house those items. A word of caution, though, not all utility shed plans are created equal. Make sure to research what your requirements are before proceeding.

An important first step is to evaluate the size structure you need to successfully hold the items you want to store. Build too small and you will be in the same position as you are now. Build too large and you may overspend on building materials, and in some cases, violate local home owners association or even city laws. A good rule of thumb is to decide on what size is appropriate, and then build one size bigger than that requirement.

The right utility shed plans will include multiple options for you to choose from when decided what size structure to build. Make sure you find plans that include these multiple options, as well as detail instructions on the building materials needed for each one. Most plans should include a materials list that is of standard size building materials. Creating a custom size shed will cost you more up front as you will need to have the lumber special cut to fit the drawings. As with anything, having options is the best way to go.

While it may seem like a simple project, building a utility shed that will last for decades to come should be approached with considerable planning and careful construction. Do not skimp on the materials. Be sure you follow your utility shed plans closely, and work with your local lumber yard on selecting the right materials for use in your area. Not all lumber is equally as good in certain climates, so ask around before buying the least expensive.

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