Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free Plans For Homemade Solar Panels

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get your hands on free plans for homemade solar panels and start creating your own home energy solution? Many people initially thought so too, but with all things free, there's usually a catch. Let's examine this closer!

If you do a quick search online, you should be able to find quite a number of free plans for building and installing solar panels. But how reliable are these?

You see, I've done plenty of research and testing on these. Here's what I found. Many of these free plans appear to have been put together hastily by some DIY fanatics all too eager to show off what they have discovered. But here's the problem. Take a closer look and you'll notice these are usually lacking in crucial details and proper instructions. For a start, these are not written for the typical layman and are almost impossible to follow, unless you're already technically experienced.

Well, the adage "what you pay is what you get" is all too true. If you're really serious about creating homemade solar panels that work, I'd suggest that you get yourself a professionally-developed plan. Some really excellent ones can be downloaded online for a very small fee. But it will quickly pay off for itself, if you put it to action and start saving on your monthly electricity bills.

Unlike free plans for homemade solar panels, a professional plan/guide will offer you complete instructions that are designed for the average homeowner. They are easy-to-understand, contain full illustrations and even video instructions. A good manual will also provide a complete component listing and the places where you can get them on the cheap.

Technical support are often included in professional plans, usually through email or phone contact. Many people find these especially useful. You won't get technical support from free plans for sure.

So my advice is, if you want to build a solar panel that works (and lasts), forget about those free plans for homemade solar panels. A professional guide would be the wiser... and eventually more cost-effective choice.

Autor: Dave Keller

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P.S. Did I also mention that state governments are now offering GENEROUS tax incentives for homeowners who convert to using homemade solar power?

Added: April 2, 2009