Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Build a Great Chicken Coop

You need to decide first how many chickens you want to keep in your chicken house, If you only want two or three then a small size coop should do you fine, but on the other hand if you want eight or more then you will need a fairly large coop. The recommend space allowance per chicken in a chicken coop is 4.5 square foot per chicken, but obviously the more the better. Make sure you consider this and decide before you buy any chicken coop plans or materials, since if you change you mind at a later date it is only going to cost you more.

Another factor that is very important when building a chicken coop is your climate and weather. If you live in hot areas then you will need to supply some form of ventilation for your chickens also if you live in a area where you get a lot of rain then your chicken house will need to be waterproofed. You can use heat lamps inside the coop when the winter sets in but it is not vital unless nights get very cold in your place of residence. The wind can also make chickens unhappy so make sure they have somewhere they can go to get shelter from it. Ventilation systems can be set up cheap as well as light sources inside the chicken coop but make sure you do not rush into buying anything expensive.

Do not forget you think about your feeding system, chickens love leftovers but also you can feed them a already prepared chicken feed which contains everything they need in there diet. It goes without saying that the more chickens you have in your chicken coop the more food you will need to supply them. You need to decide how many feeders you are going to put in your chicken run depending on how many chickens you have.

I wish you luck in building your own chicken coop.

Autor: Dominic A Harris

Added: July 20, 2009