Friday, July 24, 2009

Your Home, Your Design, Your Money

Right off the bat, I'm not going to tell you there isn't a time and place for professional designers. That's just not true. I am a professional designer and would be cutting off my own nose to say I wasn't ever needed.

What I am saying is, a good part of our community cannot figure out design and the other part don't have time or want too.

I work with clients whom have a good idea of their own personal design style and just need that extra push and my knowledge to get it done! I truly believe with some basic knowledge and the occasional push, most of us can have a beautifully designed interior. And do it yourself with considerable savings.

I personally love old stuff. What can I do with it? Where can I use it? (maybe in a different form?) That antique headboard of aunt Fern's. Get rid of it? NOT! Figure out a great alternative. Maybe an entry bench. Maybe a garden sculpture. Think. Think outside the proverbial box. I used a very old antique headboard for the back of my entry way bench. It's fabulous. And getting famous to boot.

Stepping out of our comfort zone can be frightening. I know, I do it everyday. As an artist and designer and now a web/graphic designer, I am constantly working beyond what I currently know. But I do know this. I can and will be creative. Your creativeness can come out in your home and make sense.

How do you do this. I know you are thinking, "She is nuts. I can't achieve a well designed room, much less a whole house! I can't even pick out a bedroom paint color." Yes you can. I know you can. There is too much free and inexpensive information out there for you not be successful. But you have to do the time and the research.

When looking for inspiration, I am after every free article, picture or magazine I can get my hands on. This is the start of inspiration. I am inspired by a clients beloved work of art or a beautiful piece of furniture. I begin with main colors, design style, shape. I have designed an entire home based on an antique quilt.

You have to have a place to start. You cannot work in a vacuum. There has to be a theme, i.e. color, style, artwork, etc.

This is your beginning. Your Genesis. Rebuilt, restart, refresh and rejuvenate your life with color and serenity. If needed, a designer will come in and help with this start. You can do the rest. I can help. You can contact me if you need advice. You can visit my web site and see my successes in the do it yourself field.

Good luck and see you next time,

SK Sartell

Autor: SK Sartell

SK Sartell, a nationally acclaimed artist and designer.

Added: July 24, 2009