Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Going Solar

What is the hottest thing going around today? Building a Solar Panel. With the way power prices have "sky rocketed" bringing grief to the average family home, it has now become a hot topic. Today around the garage of the average man or woman, the word is to build and convert our homes to solar power.

Just the other day when I was working in the garage on my new project, my neighbor peers over too check out my new project. He looks with interest and comments that he didn't know I knew anything about building solar panels. "I didn't until 2 weeks ago" I replied. "Then how are you building this solar panel" he continued to ask. So I sat down with him and explained all that had transpired over the last couple of months. How I was looking for a better way to convert to solar. That every where I looked I found technical jargon with lots of big quotes, very big quotes. Then I stumbled upon a site that claimed to teach me how to build solar panel in a weekend for under $200. At first I thought it was a bit of a con but for $50 I thought why not. I blew more than that at the races the previous weekend. So I gave it a try and was totally amazed at what I had come across. So here I am today building solar panels one by one and eventually I will have the entire house on solar energy. He was impressed!

This is a conversation that is sweeping the world with men and woman working away in their garages and in one lazy weekend able to build a Solar Panel. They have now, themselves, made a contribution to changing the world. For every person that builds and installs a solar panel is one more step into making the world a better place. Reducing carbon emissions and the best part of it all the reduction of pain on the hip pocket.

Solar Panels are so easy and so affordable today that for the cost a family meal at the local takeaway you can now build your own Solar Panel in an easy to follow step by step guide. Anyone can do it and everyone has.

Start building your own Solar Panel today and be one of the many that are changing the way the world thinks. Go Solar and make the world a better place.

Autor: John Streethon

John Streethon is changing the world by reducing his carbon footprint and going Solar Power. You too can also learn how to go solar by visiting Solar Do It Yourself. Another good source can be found here.

Added: October 14, 2009