Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Build a Septic Tank

As building expenses continue to get bigger each year, individuals who wish to construct their own residences look for different ways to save cash. One of these ways is building their own septic area.

Although building one is strictly regulated because of environmental and health hazards, constructing the tank by yourself is not an impossible endeavor.

One of the most important parts of a home is the septic tank. It contains wastes coming from your residence and keeps it in designated places to be broke down by organisms.

The main key to making this set-up possible is to fulfill all permit requirements and create a plan. You can also ask the help of professionals to ensure the success of the project.


The materials needed are gravel, sand, PVC glue, PVC piping and ends, string, pen and paper, tape measure and paint brushes.


The tools needed are backhoe, shovel, surveying equipment, measuring pole and stakes.


Secure the necessary permits from your local health and municipal authorities before beginning with your project. Make a preliminary sketch of your whole property and give it to your local building and health officials for approval for the test holes to be made.

The sketch should also contain all the structures in your residence and the exact number of rooms, fences, transformers as well as the geographical formations in your property to determine the area where you will place it.

Create test holes as ordered by your local building authorities. Choose a professional contractor to do this task for you. Allow the inspectors to examine the hole once you are finished creating them. You should also submit the soil for testing. Create a plan to fulfill the building requirements in your community.

After that, you can start building the whole set-up. The approval from your local building authorities will decide the overall size and location of the tank. Use a backhoe to create the hole of the tank. Check if the tank meets the standards set by local building and health officials.

Place stone and sand in the area. Install the tank, drainage system and distribution area according to the design plan. Connect the set-up to the plumbing of your residence.

Asked an inspector to check if everything is in order with your project and verify if all forms have been finished for inspection before sealing the pit.

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Added: October 5, 2009