Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to Build a See Saw

A seesaw, also known as teeter board or teeter-totter, is a long, slender plank balanced in the middle so that, as one end goes down, the other goes up. In a playground, a person sits on each end and they alternately push their feet in opposition to the ground to raise their end into the air. It usually has handles for the players to hold as they sit facing each other. To construct your own playground, just follow the six simple procedures below.

Required Materials

Cover material
Post anchors
Metal U-frame or post stock
Metal tubing or 2�8" stock
10' metal perforated strap

Required Tools

Tape measure
Staple gun
Wood drill with assorted bits
Metal drill with bits


1. First, we have to build the foundation for the seesaw. On a plane area, layout the span of the see saw. Find the center of the area for two base holes. The two holes need to be at least one foot wide and six feet deep. Set a solid tube into the hole. The peak of the tube should be three inches underneath the surface of the ground. Connect an anchor to allow perpendicular supports.

2. After finishing the foundations, we have to build the posts. We can use the one-piece metal U-post system or two vertical posts joined by a metal pipe and bolted on at the ends to a steel/wooden post system. Attach the posts to the foundations.

3. After that, choose the preferred length of the lever. We can use metal or wood as material but be sure the wrap the lever with padding to add some safety measures. If we have to use wood, fasten a metal strip to the base of the stock to provide firmness. Bore holes for a seat into both ends.

4. Now place the handles by drilling a hole in the lever arm approximately eighteen to twenty four inches from the end of the lever. Drill another hole in a one by two inches piece of stock. Attach the vertical beam into the parallel lever and then add a cross member to the upright beam for the player to grip on to.

5. At the end of each seesaw, Attach foam covered with leather sheet to act as seats for the seesaw.

6. Once you are done, Sand down the sharp edges of the seesaw then paint the seesaw with the desired color. A non-lead paint is advised for the playground type seesaw since children will be using it.

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