Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Build a DIY Home Residential Wind Turbine

The cost to set up a renewable energy source from the sun or wind can be very expensive if you get the installation from a company. You may have to spend more than $3,000 just to draw enough energy from a solar or wind power system. If you are interested in using alternative energy generated from wind power, then making a DIY home residential wind turbine is something worth consideration.

Building the wind turbine by your own may sound complicated, but it is not. In fact, once you understand the basic structure of a home residential wind turbine. You can build the system successfully with minimum cost.

When you start to search for information on internet for a homemade wind turbine, it returns thousands of search results with a lot of them in an amazing variety of designs and complexities. But, if you narrow down all the requirements to build a home residential wind turbine, they consist of five common things:

  1. A generator
  2. Blades
  3. A tower to get it up into the wind
  4. A mounting to keep it turning
  5. An electronic control system

If you divide the DIY home residential win turbine project into these 5 little systems and work on them one at a time, you will find that building a wind turbine is not that complicated as you think initially.

If it is your first effort to build a home residential wind turbine, then building a generator from scratch can be a bit too complicated. A better option would be using surplus permanent magnet DC motors as generator in your project. Try searching for a suitable DC motor at your local store or you should be able to find one at online store like eBay. I would recommend the 99 volt DC motor made by Ametek, among the best motor I have found and it works great as a generator. However, other brands can also meet the purpose as long as you look for a motor that is rated as high DC voltage, low RPMs and high current. The key reason of finding this type of DC motor is that you want to set a generator to generate 12 volts at a fairly low rpm with a useful level of current. For example, a motor that is rated with 325 rpm at 30 volts when using as a generator, could expect to generate 12 volts at fairly low RPMs. Whereas, if you use a motor rated at 7200 rpm at 24 volts, it won't be able to produce the required 12v output until it is spinning a few thousands of RPMs. Therefore, you should be careful when shopping for a right DC motor to be used as a generator in your wind turbine project.

Next, for the blades, you have option to make it from wood or PVC pipes. It is not difficult to make the blades, many DIY Wind Turbine guides do involve step-by-step guide on how to build them easily. Once you have gotten started on motor and blades, then getting the rest of little systems up to running are not difficult. Find a DIY wind turbine guide to help you in building the system can save your time by avoiding the common mistakes and ensure the project can be completed within the budget.


DIY a home residential wind turbine is not as complicated as it sounds. You can build it successfully to generate electric from wind to power your home.

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Added: November 24, 2009
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