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Build Your Own Solar Panels - FREE Guide VS Pay Guide? Which One is Better?

Installing Solar Panels to your home is one of the effective ways to reduce your home energy bills. However, the price for the retail solar panels in the market is high. Many people have considered DIY choice as a solution since solar panels are not difficult to DIY. The next problem is the guide for building between Free on the internet and Pay guide in the market. Which of them is the better solutions and worth to go with?

Free DIY Guide on the internet.

On the internet, there are many Free guides available. You can find it by Google, in the DIY community such as or VDO guide from MetaCafe or YouTube. Most of the Free guides are written by handy people who have basic knowledge and experience about electric circuit and solar panels. Free guide does not charge your money. This is the strongest advantage. Moreover, you can find various type of guides from many authors. You may gain a new idea by mixing those guides and have your original one.

Free Guide's strong points

  • Free available on internet.
  • Many kind of guides and various designs of solar panels.
  • Have a chance to mix different guides and create your own.
  • Have a lower cost solar panels than using Pay Guide because you do not have to pay for the guide.
Free Guide's weak points

  • Have to find the place to get the components and instruments by yourself.
  • Most of them are not completed and not detailed for the person with no experience and knowledge.
  • May be ending with trial & error method due to incomplete guide and lack of knowledge and experience.
  • If you end with trial & error you might be costed 2-3 times more than you should.
  • Have to find experiencing people to help you when you have problem or stuck at some points.
  • Most of the guides do not cover installation and wiring solar panels to your home.
Free Guide Summary

Free Guide is the best choice for handy person who know how to use each tool and has basic electricity, solar panels knowledge and some experience with DIY solar panels project. If you do not have any knowledge about electricity, electricity circuit and solar panels basic knowledge. Free guide is absolutely not recommended for you because you are going to end with all weak points of Free guide, for example, trial and error which is very terrible, not cost effective and consumed time with very low productivity.

Pay DIY Guide

Pay DIY guide is mostly found in e-book form. Most of the best seller guides usually come with very detailed and step by step instruction. Text manuals with numerous illustrations are also included in the package. Pay guide can be found in the internet as wells. I am going to provide the example link of both Free guide and pay guide at the end of this article.

This type of guide provides a lot of useful basic information about alternative energy and solar power. Most of them provide very easy to follow text manuals and VDO manuals. Moreover, the best advantage of pay guide is customer support. When you stuck with some steps, you are able to write and e-mail to ask the customer support of your guide.

Pay DIY Guide's strong points

  • Most of them provide nice, easy and step by step instructions.
  • The guide is completed. Some of them provide weekly update VDO and new tips.
  • Some of them provide not only solar panels guide but also other alternative energy guide as a bonus.
  • All the required components are specified with the shop or website to order.
  • Most of them have nice customer support.
  • Even 14 years old boy are able to follow the guide and create his own solar panels as a school project.
  • The outcome of the solar panels has very good efficiency. It can save up to 80% of energy cost.
Pay DIY Guide's weak points

  • It has a cost for a guide. About $40 - $60.
  • Have to choose which guide to buy carefully.
  • The customer support quality is depended on the brand of your purchased guide.
Pay DIY Guide Summary

Pay DIY guide is suitable for everyone especially for ordinary people who does not has any experience and knowledge in electricity and solar panels but would like to build one. Even experience handy people might love the guide because it is completed and reduces time to do research. Moreover, customer support is always available to help you when you have problem.

In conclusion, pay DIY guide is recommended over Free guide. However, if you do not want to pay $40 - $60 for the guide and you think that your selected Free guide might be OK with you without much troubles for your project then the Free guide will match you.

Autor: Eldon M Blair

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Added: November 21, 2009