Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home Automation For the Home Do-It-Yourselfer

Do you enjoy doing working on projects around your home? Then consider a DIY home automation project. You can save money by doing it yourself. You can enjoy the satisfaction that comes as you work on your project. You can take pride when your project is completed to your satisfaction.

Products are on the market today that make it easy for the do-it-yourselfer. They are not expensive. You do not have to be a wizard to understand how to install and use these products.

Here's how to get started

Think of ways your home life could be made easier, more comfortable, more convenient, safer or less stressful. More than likely, there is a DIY home automation solution.

Suppose you travel a lot. It's mid-winter. When you leave home you turn the thermostat way down to save energy. When you return, your home is cold and uncomfortable. You turn up your thermostat and wait for your home to slowly warm up to your comfort zone.

Here's your solution: Adjust your thermostat remotely via telephone or the internet before you arrive home. When you walk in your front door, your home is warm and comfortable.

There are inexpensive automation products on the market today that allow you to control your thermostat via the internet or telephone. You can purchase and install the products yourself.

Make sure all your individual automation products are compatible with each other.

If you have an existing house that is not pre-wired for home automation, there are now systems on the market that communicate both wirelessly and over the electric power lines already installed throughout your house. They are designed to work together with maximum functionality.

Start with remote thermostat control and expand your system later

The starter system that you set up to control your thermostat can be expanded to do much more. Lamps, dimmers and switches, hard-wired outlet modules, plug-in modules, thermostats controls for heating and cooling, garage door controls, and much more -- all can be controlled as long all the devices are compatible with each other.

Autor: John Dove

Where to get more information

Do you prefer to communicate via the Internet or Wi-Fi from an iPhone, iPod touch or any other Web-enabled PC, Phone or PDA - and you have an internet router and modem in your home? If this is you and you want to get started in home automation by controlling your lights from a distance, go to Automate via Internet.

Or do you prefer to communicate via touch-tone telephones or cell phones? Go to Automate via Telephone.

Added: November 25, 2009