Monday, January 12, 2009

DIY - Drywall Basics

Handy homeowners who want to install their own drywall to finish basements or attics will benefit from a few basic tips before beginning this project. The first step should always be to check with local building codes to ensure that the drywall used is the appropriate thickness for the area. Measuring is another important step to ensure that the amount of drywall purchased will be the correct amount for the area requiring coverage.

Along with the drywall itself, it is also important to purchase enough supplies. This might include approximately seven pounds of nails, five gallons of joint compound and 500 feet of tape for 1000 square feet of drywall installed. When in doubt about how much to buy, it is always wise to consult with a professional at the store who can offer assistance with measuring and purchasing.

Once the correct amount of drywall is purchased and delivered, it will be time to begin the installation process. Many find that putting the drywall up is the easy part; taping the joints becomes infinitely more complex, however. In fact, some find that hiring a professional to apply the tape after the drywall is installed is a more cost-effective way to get a professional finish on a drywall project.

In this instance, the homeowner puts the drywall in place and fastens it to the frame with nails or screws specifically designed for this material. The professional contractor then comes in to tape the joints and provide any other repairs or installation as needed.

Drywall is an essential part of finishing a space in the home. Understanding how to purchase and install the material will help keep the cost down for many homeowners.

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Added: January 12, 2009