Monday, January 19, 2009

Washed Pebble Tiles - No Need to Hire Any Installer!

Looking for a quick option that'll enable you to easily transform any surface luxuriously? Try Washed Pebble Tiles remodeling. The best thing about these panels is that installing them requires no special technical skills. In this quick article learn how a simple tiling technique can easily help you on transforming your home's interior/exterior to be modern and luxurious.

Basic introduction

This easy to use tiling method is quite unique as Washed Pebble Tiles redecoration is based on unified smooth stones carefully sorted and then mounted onto a seamless mesh backed tile. South East Asia is known for its beautiful beaches and resorts; it is not surprising to find out that most of these 'Nature-Made' panels are originated from these seashores as well. Tiling options are numerous; here are some of the most popular ones: Flooring and countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, wall coverings, patio floors, pools, wine cellars and fireplaces.

Important advantages

Let's quickly examine what is in it for us:

* Can be used for dry surfaces as well as wet surfaces such as shower flooring or as a sink backsplash.

* Easy to be replaced if needed.

* Can be used on surfaces at home that have high traffic and that need to stand up to a lot of action.

Useful tips!

* Use only high quality materials such as grout and sealer - you don't want your tiles to fall apart after few months just because you wanted to save a few dollars.

* In order to ensure an even color layout of the tiles, sort them before installation.

* Most recommended grout is sanded grout - it is suitable for both internal and external use.

We could list many other important great advantages provided by this trendy redesigning technique simply because it offers countless opportunities for professional and unprofessional installers whether they decorate at home or in the office.

Bottom line

This special solution can easily fit to any budget size, especially due to the fact that Washed Pebble Tiles technique relieves you from hiring a professional installer or using expensive materials/tools. It is recommended to keep these tips and advices just as you are ready to begin with installation.

Autor: Yaron Lavie

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Added: January 19, 2009