Friday, January 2, 2009

Patio Interlocking Tiles - Forget About Expensive Remodeling!

It is considered as one of the easiest tiling options available today - Patio Interlocking Tile remodeling can be used by almost anyone. These nature-made panels are so versatile that they can easily stimulate your creativeness providing you countless remodeling ideas and opportunities. In this article you will be able to explore the latest ideas that can help you to easily redecorate any of your home's surfaces.

Short background

It is known for its ease of use but mostly for what it is made of - Patio Interlocking Tile redecoration is created by assembling together similar looking smooth stones manually sorted and then glued onto a sq/ft mesh backing. The seashores of S. East Asia are rich with these flat pebbles, and indeed most of these tiles are originated from that part of the world. This is an excellent solution if you plan on redecorating in the following areas: Kitchens, bathrooms and showers - walls, flooring, counters, and backsplashes.

What are the main benefits?

Let's quickly examine what is in it for us:

* Durable to any extreme temperatures such as around fireplaces and stoves for example.

* Their surfaces are flush and in fact, are safer to walk on than most conventional hard flooring as they offer more traction to prevent slipping.

* Can be used for dry surfaces as well as wet surfaces such as shower flooring or as a sink backsplash.

Helpful tips!

* If this is the first time you install these tiles, it is recommended to learn from other's experience - there are plenty of forums and demonstrational videos on the internet where you can find useful information about first time installation.

* Epoxy based grouts are considered stronger than conventional grout, however take in mind that they are less forgiving to the ignorant installer.

* Avoid using any ready-made grout on wet areas like shower floor/backsplashes - use any other standard dry powder based cement.

We could count other important great advantages provided by this effortless home improvement option simply because it provides numerous opportunities whether for the average or professional home-makers.


Installation of Patio Interlocking Tile technique had just got easier and much faster in recent years, so it requires minimum time and effort on your side. It is advised to keep in mind the following advices once you decide on installing these panels.

Autor: Yaron Lavie

Get creative! - Learn more about how you can easily decorate any surface at home or in the office with Patio Interlocking Tiles.


Added: January 2, 2009