Monday, February 23, 2009

DIY Slip Resistant Floors

You can now treat your own floors to make them slip resistant. Slip and fall accidents in the work place and the home can be significantly reduced by a process of chemically etching the surface of the tile to increase the coefficient of friction. This process should make no visible change to the appearance of the tile. By choosing carefully the materials that are used and the time that they are allowed to be on the floor, almost any hard surface floor can be treated.

Ceramic tile is the most common but marble, granite, porcelain, travertine, glass, quarry tile, and concrete call all be treated as well to make them less of an accident hazard.

Home owners and business owners can now purchase the exact product for their own types of floors. By following carefully a set of instructions they can have a much safer home or business. This should help cut the number of slip and fall claims.

The process is a relatively easy one. It starts with a good cleaning. This is a great process for restaurant owners or for any type of commercial kitchen. We start with a good degreaser that cleans and emulsifies greases. Once the floor is free of grease it is ready to be treated. Usually floors in a commercial kitchen are quarry tile. These floors are perfect for the non slip quarry tile products that are especially mixed for these types of floors. A small sample area is done first and then the entire kitchen is treated. It is important to treat the entire area and not just a pathway.

There are many other types of floors that can be treated and each has its own DIY product. In the case where someone is uncertain of their flooring type, it can be mailed in to be tested. This product is good in so many instances. It can be used on swimming pool decks, in nursing homes, in schools, in commercial kitchens, in bathrooms, in bathtubs and in showers. The list is endless. As long as the floor is not coated over with any other products or with grease or soap it should last for many years.

If the floor is treated properly and according to the directions then this is an easy process.

Autor: Lynda Logan

Lynda Logan is the President of Slip Resistant Solutions, Inc. She is the marketer and but her partner, Jack O'Connell has been known as the "floor man" all over the state of Florida. He has been treating hard surface floors for nearly twenty years and has perfected the process for each floor type to make them slip resistant. Visit them at

Added: February 23, 2009

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Mark said...

That is great news. Hopefully, though, property owners would still not be too complacent when it comes to their floors. They still have to make sure that their entire surroundings are properly maintained. This way, they can avoid slip and fall injuries, as well as paying someone for insurance claims.