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Pebble Tiles - How to Install Them

Are you thinking of adding nature into your home, such as when you go for a Zen design? Then, definitely, you're looking for pebble tiles. However, because of their unique statistics, they are not installed the same way as other kinds of floors. So how do you install them? How complicated can they be?

To Hire a Professional or Not?

Like other floor installations, they need to be worked on by a professional. They can be pretty complicated, depending on the materials that you have chosen. There can also be some equipment and techniques that only an expert will be able to accomplish with ease-with less amount of time and effort.

There are several ways on how to look for installers for pebble tiles. You can just look around your neighborhood. Normally, those that work with floor and wall installations can work very well with pebble tiles. You can also search for them in the World Wide Web. Expect to be paying few dollars for hour or on the complexity of the project.

Working Alone

Nevertheless, you can always choose to work with pebble tiles on your own. There are several guidelines that you can download from the Internet. You can also find these manuals for pebble tiles directly from manufacturers. There is only one important rule: follow the instructions to a T. Every tile floor may require a different kind of treatment, so you have to really pay attention.

First, you need to measure the area where you want to place the pebble floor tiles. Just to give you an idea, the tiles are measured 12 inches by 12 inches. They also interlock with one another. Then, you will have to pick for the pebble tiles of your choice. You can shop for them in the Internet, or you can buy them in your home depots. If you're living near the beach, see if you can discover natural stone pebbles around the area.

When you already have the pebbles ready, you will have to apply mortar on your trowel. You can settle for a 2 feet by 2 feet of thin mortar set. Start placing the tiles into the floors or walls. Since they will be interlocked, they need to be placed one over the other. You also have to tap the squares to ensure that they will stick into your mortar. Continue doing so until you're satisfied by the look and placement of your pebble tiles. Make sure that the mortar has been dried.

Just so no one will be able to remove the stones from where they are, you can apply impregnators over them. They can also assure you that the stones will not immediately lose their luster over time, especially if they are exposed in natural elements like rain and wind.

You may also have to add some sand grout in between the crevices of the rocks. They also need to be dried, and the excess ones should be removed from the pebble tiles. You can do so by simply using a sponge. Finally, use a sealer.

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Added: February 14, 2009