Monday, February 9, 2009

Do it Yourself Solar Panels - Simple Process to Cut Your Home Electric Bills

Our monthly electricity bill is one of the largest household expenses. We need electric power to run all our electrical equipment. While power demand is expected to rise, the cost of electricity will increase in the near future also. This is due to limited supply of oil needed to generate power by utility companies. One of the simplest ways we can take to reduce our power consumption is by using Do It Yourself Solar Panels. How does the procedure works? This article will shed some light of the science of a home solar power system.

Before you start any home construction project, you have to be well versed with hand tools and ample working space. To build your own home solar energy system, you have to construct a solar array on the roof. A solar array is made from a series of solar cells linked together. The function of the solar array is to collect the sun energy and convert it into electric power. To harness the solar power, the solar array is connected to a charge controller where electric current will be diverted into deep cycle batteries bank. The batteries will be used to store electric power to run our electrical appliances. Since a battery can only store Direct Current (DC), you will need an inverter to convert it to Alternate Current (AC). AC will be used to power our homes.

With proper planning, do it yourself solar panels have the potential to reduce our home electric power consumption. This can be done by slowly changing our home power demand to the solar energy system. With rising energy cost, any idea that can help us to save cost would be a blessing.

Autor: Ken J. Maxwell

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Added: February 9, 2009