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Building Solar Panels at Home - What You Need to Get Started Quick Tips!

Homemade solar panels can offer savings, independence and bragging rights but the project may not be for everyone. If you have been thinking about building your own solar panels at home, there are a few factors to consider before you begin. Doing your research and knowing your options will help you feel confident that you can complete the project. Here are important five points to ponder as you begin your research.

1. Your budget - Your pricing options for solar panel installation are straightforward: do it yourself and save or hire it out and pay. The expensive option, of course, is to hire a commercial company which could cost you between $20,000 and $30,000. In comparison, if you build your own panels and install them yourself you will cut your expenses by 90% - a boon for any handyman.

2. Your level of expertise - If you want to save money and build the panels yourself, you will need the tools and skills to make it happen. While the project isn't overly complicated, having basic technical skills will be an asset and save you time and money. Specifically, skills with a saw and ability with electrical wires will bring you closer to success.

3. Your tool kit - There are a few tools required for this project, but nothing fancy or too expensive. Check your tool box before you head to the hardware store, as most likely you already have most of these items on hand but be sure to stock up on screws and nails. The basic tools you'll need are a good saw, measuring tape, sandpaper, hammer, and soldering pen.

4. Orientation of your house - An important factor to consider before beginning your solar panel project is whether your house gets enough full sunlight. Observe the spot where you plan to install the panels. Does it get full sun most of the day? Are there buildings or branches obstructing sunlight? If so, consider repositioning your panels or cutting back branches in order to take full advantage of the energy provided by the sun.

5. A good instructional guide - This is important! Finding a good instruction manual will be very helpful in the successful completion of your solar panel. For a small investment of money you will have the advantage of someone else's revised trial and error and expert advice to guide you. A good instruction manual should come complete with diagrams for each part and instructions on how to assemble the parts together. Take a quick look online for a downloadable copy. Building solar panels at home can be a straightforward task if you have the right information.

Autor: Dave Keller

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