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Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling Secrets

Even though most of us have seen great home makeovers, inexpensive remodeling of a bathroom seems to be a mystery for some homeowners. This document reveals simple steps that any homeowner without any expertise can take to remodel his/her bathroom As with any remodeling/renovation project there will be some small task that should be left to the professionals; however, this document points out the majority of work that can be accomplished by any homeowner.

1) Contrary to the popular belief, the most expensive aspect of bathroom remodeling is not the replacement of the vanity or the counter-top. It is not the new flooring or the replacement of your toilet. In fact, the most expensive aspect of this remodeling as reported by homeowners is the cost of replacing ceramic tiles on the shower walls and the surrounding walls. This can easily cost over a thousand dollar including material and labor.

Yet, great shower and surrounding walls are essential part of any modern bathroom which cannot be overlooked. The good news is that a great looking shower wall does not have to cost thousands and it can be installed in matter of minutes by any homeowner with limited or no expertise. The answer is tile boards. Tile boards are ceramic lookalike that look and feel amazingly real once installed and cost a fraction of what you would pay for ceramic tiles. Tile boards generally come in 4 foot by 8 foot panels. Tile boards can easily be cut using a circular saw and you can use adhesive to attach it to your wall.

2) Another inexpensive bathroom remodeling is to reface and stain your existing cabinet doors. If you have cabinets under your sink, rather than replacing the entire unit that will not only require installation but also plumbing work, you can replace the cabinet doors. Replacing cabinet doors are easy and simple. You can also stain the entire cabinets once you replaced the doors to make them look new and shinny. Staining cabinet doors are also simple and can be done fairly quickly.

3) If you are not planning to change your vanity or its counter top, be sure to replace the faucets. Faucets can add appeal to the overall image of your bathroom and you don't have to be a plumber to replace the faucets. You can find elegant faucets at reasonable cost if you shop around. Be sure to also look online.

4) If you have an old bath tub, try refinishing it rather than replacing it. For this part I highly recommend that you hire a professional to refinish or glaze your bath tub. I don't recommend doing it yourself as a small imperfection can ruin all your hard effort.

5) Wall hangings and other decorations will add much to the beauty of your bathroom and you don't have to hire a professional to do it either. A large mirror greatly enhances the look of your bathroom. Additionally, you can hang one or two small decorative objects on the side wall or if there is room on the counter top.

6) Replacing accessories such as towel hangers and cup holders are simple, easy and inexpensive. They all contribute to the overall image of your bathroom.

7) Finally, a great paint job will complete your remodeling and brings out the face of your new bathroom. Paint job is simple and can be done by anyone. The important part is to choose the right color that matches well with the color of your cabinets and walls. If you are unsure about what color to use, check the popular remodeling magazines.

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