Monday, May 11, 2009

How Can I Make My Own Wind Generator

Several years ago I was asking myself the same question that you're asking yourself now. How can I make my own wind generator? Where do I start? What parts are required? These questions and many more can make the task seem impossible.

It's not impossible though... you can make your own wind generator. All that's required is a little DIY skills. I like to break down the entire process into simpler steps.

The first step involves breaking down the wind generator into it's most basic parts. The most basic parts of a wind generator are the: blades/hub, body, and the tower. The blades are made from PVC pipe. It might seem a little weird, but if you cut PVC a certain way the resulting pieces make great blades. The hub can be made from a pulley from your local hardware store.

The body is made from leftover PVC from your blades. The motor and tail are both attached to this. We do this to keep water away from the motor. It's very important that this be airtight as any water that gets inside can ruin the motor. The blades/hub get attached to the shaft of the motor and the tail is attached to the other end of the body. A flange is attached to the underside of the body which is attached to the tower.

The last step is the tower. This is often the most important part of any wind generator installation, but we've found ways to get free wind generator towers. Do you remember a time before satellite and cable? When we had huge towers that looked like they were trying to pick up alien signals? Many people still have a TV tower hooked up to their house, but don't use it anymore. All you need to do is ask them and they will often give it to you for free. When I went searching I got paid $50 to take down the tower!

This is a very brief introduction, but I hope it convinced you that you can make your own wind generator.

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I grew interested in renewable energy about 16 years ago. WE decided to make the move to off grid living about that time as well. ... ...

Andrew Oke is very interested in renewable energy. He has 16 years experience living off the grid, and has completely built his own renewable energy system. If you want to learn how can I make my own wind generator just click the previous link. If you're interest in learning more about wind generators here is some additional information: How To Build A Wind Generator.

Added: May 11, 2009