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Tips For Troubleshooting Waterfall Home Furnishings

Waterfalls used as indoor home furnishings are usually constructed of metal include a hard plastic liner within the lower tray component to keep your fountains from leaking. Use caution when filling the fountain so that water does not go over the top of the tray liner. If you overfill, the water will seep between the plastic liner and the tray and ultimately leak out of a corner of the tray.

You can best avoid overfilling your home waterfalls by properly adding water by pouring the water against the middle portion of the stone just above the tray. It is also suggested to turn the water fall off before filling. If you fill the furnishing while it is running you are adding much more water then the water fall can handle when turned off. This is because there is a large amount of water which goes into circulation while running. If you fill while running and later turn the fountain off, all the water rushes to the tray and overflows above the tray liner resulting in what looks later like a tray leak. The moisture which has seeped between the filling basin and fountain frame can persist once the unit has been overfilled, even if you subsequently take water out and reduce the water level in the basin.

There is a simple test that you can perform to see if your tray is leaking. Remove water from the tray then remove tray from the wall. Turn the tray upside down and allow it to dry. When it is dry place the tray upright on a table or counter top. Fill the tray with a few inches of water and leave for a couple hours. Then check the tray corners for any leaking. If there is no leak the cause of the leak when the furnishing was on the wall is most likely due to overfilling. Do not overfill your water fountain, just keep the level near the base of your stone but below the black tray liner. Make sure that you are checking your level often enough to keep the water above the pump at all times, yet below the top of the black tray liner.

In most cases you will need to wet the waterfalls face where the water flows if it has become dry due to being turned off. Water has a kinetic effect which makes it difficult for it to sheet over a surface rather then forming streams. Many water pumps and waterfalls actually last longer if they remain on. These home furnishings draw very little power so electrical use should not be a concern. The natural stone does not have to switch from a dry to moist state continually making the possibility of fissures less likely.

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Many indoor waterfalls include natural stone or slate to mimic a waterfall as it is found in nature. It is important to note that and stone is a natural product that has been hand quarried from the earth and may not be perfectly squared or leveled. If you find that your stone does not hang level on the bracket there are leveling shims which can correct this problem. The shims can be adjusted after being placed between the stone slab and the wall bracket which will enable your water fall will adjust and hang beautifully.

Exalted Fountains carries a wide variety of indoor waterfalls, home furnishings and wall fountains for the home.

Added: May 29, 2009