Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Build a Shed With Pallets

Awhile back my wife tells me I need to do something about the garage. It was just too cluttered and she could no longer get her car in there. I needed a shed but I did not have the extra money to buy one or build on myself. A friend of mine from work suggested I build a shed with pallets.

At first I was like, okay, I live in the country but even that sounded pretty tacky to me. Building a shed with old pallets did not sound like the best idea in the world but my friend said he'd seen it done and we went for a little drive. Low and behold, there it was, a shed built out of scrapped pallets!

And you know what? It looked pretty darn cool. I'm not much for meeting new people but I went up to the door and rang the bell, I had to see this from a closer view.

An old man answered the door and kinda laughed when I asked him if I could take a look at his awesome backyard structure. He said I was not the first person who had asked him that and he led me around back where I could get a good long look at his shed.

I have to admit I was quite impressed. The structure was sound and water proof and he told me he built the whole thing for about $150. He had used some metal on the roof and some good outdoor primer and paint but the rest was made from pallets he had acquired from a store not far from his house that otherwise may have ended up in a landfill somewhere.

We went inside and he pulled down this old photo album and showed me a bunch of pictures he had taken during the construction. It started out a little strange looking but I thought it was pretty cool and seemed really easy to do.

We went through the whole album and I got a good idea of how I was going to build my own storage shed and finally make the wife happy. I was not sure she would approve of the building materials so I waited until she went to visit her mother for a couple of weeks and then got busy building!

When she got back she was very impressed with my handy work and had no clue what I built my fancy new storage unit out of. I showed her the checkbook and she could not believe how little I had spent... a real bonus if you know what I mean.

If money is tight and storage space is even tighter you might want to do what I did and build a shed out of pallets. It is economical, pretty straight forward and is good for the environment as well. You can't go wrong!

Autor: David Bocock

The author is an expert in turning junk into treasure, much to his wife's chagrin. He enjoys sharing unique ideas that are economical and good for the environment by concentrating on recyclable materials

Added: December 1, 2009
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