Monday, December 28, 2009

How to Get Solar Panels Cheap

Now you've probably come to this article because you have seen the advantage of solar power but you may have also noticed the rather large price tag attached to this technology. This why i am writing this article to tell you how you can get them cheaper.

So much is a retail system?

To get a decent retail system for your home your most likely looking at paying in excess of $10,000. This is a lot of money to invest, especially if your still not sure about solar power, this is likely to put you off.

So the answer you've been waiting for how do you get a solar panel cheaper?

Well the answer is to build your own. Now don't be scared off by this. Before I built my own solar panels I had no experience in building, electricity or solar power. But I was able to build my solar panel fairly easily with a little help form a guide book.

Now I don't have the space to guide you through the process in this article so I'll just give you a little guidance.

If you do a search around the internet your likely to find some instructional guides to build solar panels. But not all of them are all that great. Your likely to find some that are targeted to people who already have some experience so while you can understand the concept you still will not know how to actually build the panel. Others your likely to find are just scams, like so many products out on the internet.

Autor: Chris Snaba

I would recommend visiting this page for more info on building your own solar panels

Added: December 28, 2009


Anonymous said...

To be able to get deals in such things really matters and specially because you need stuff in bulks when you are remodeling and too expensive inflated the costs.

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Steven Robinson said...

I wonder where they get to have those kind of solar panels cheaper. Don't get me wrong, I am just busy thinking how to have mold control on my solar panels.