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DIY Projects Are Not Guaranteed to Save You Money

Do it yourself projects are always expected to save you money, although this is not always the case. However, not every one considers whether such action will increase the value of the home at the same time. If your do it yourself skills are not up to a reasonable standard, you could end up reducing your home's value. We'll take a look at some projects that are virtually guaranteed to increase the value of your home, and build your self esteem too!

We have all probably heard those tales of do it yourself repair men or women who try to save themselves some money by doing the job themselves, only to have to call in the experts when things go horribly wrong. Of course this ends up costing a lot more, as the job is now a much bigger task. Not only does this result in more expense, but a lot of wasted time too. If you are not a handy man or woman, take a little advice, and leave the repairs to the experts. It will save you a lot of time and worries, and you can be confident that the job is done properly - provided you chose the serviceman carefully!

Now, it isn't just a case of doing a decent looking job, you need to make sure that all repair jobs are solid and do not reduce the value of your home. For example, if you decide to replace all the windows in your home, and to do the job yourself, then the work that you do will have no guarantee. If you then sell your home, the new owners have no one to help them should there be a problem with the installation after a year or two. However, if you go with a professional company, then their work will be covered by maybe a ten year warranty, so that if there is a problem within that time period, they will complete repairs as necessary without charge. This guarantee is very worthwhile for a new owner, and gives them a great deal of assurance, rather than being told that the windows are all new, but there is no guarantee on that work!

Now obviously there are plenty of jobs that diy experts can tackle themselves that should not reduce the home's value, but it is something to keep in mind in the future. DIY jobs like installing shelving units or cabinets in the garage should work out well, and provided the doors close as they should, then it should present a tidier garage, and perhaps add a little bit to the home's value.

There is one project that is getting a lot of attention in England right now, and that is the installation of diy conservatories. In years gone by, conservatories were glass buildings used to grow exotic plants and flowers, but over the years, their use has changed, and many family homes have now added these to their existing home. This addition has then added value to their home, because it has given the home an extra room, and we all know how important extra rooms or spaces are.

The neat thing about these do it yourself conservatories is that they are pre-built in the factory, to specific sizes, and with the building materials that you choose. They are then shipped to your home, and you can put the conservatory together yourself, or get a local builder to do this for you. This is at a much reduced price that would be charged if you had the builder start from scratch and build an addition to your home, and the results are quite amazing.

This is one project that does almost certainly increase the value of the home, by providing an extra room. Obviously, there needs to be a check into whether you need a building permit where you live - these are not required in the UK at the moment, but there are various restrictions on the dimensions and so on! - before you order your pre-built conservatory. The design of the room is up to you, but the manufacturing companies give you a lot of choice, so that you can blend the additional room into the style of the existing home. You can choose the type of window frames and windows you want, single glazed, double glazed, a tiled roof or a glass one, the options are many and varied.

Once you have chosen your diy conservatory, then you an arrange for delivery, and with your local builder, unless you are skilled at building and are going to put the pieces together yourself. In this case, you need to make sure that you are capable of doing this, and that the instructions are detailed about how you even start this.

Obviously, choosing a reputable company is important before you commit to purchasing your diy conservatory, and check that they have a service department too, just in case you need some questions answered in a hurry. But you should be able to increase the value of your home nicely by adding a diy conservatory to your existing home, without having to spend a fortune on building it or having it built for you. Once it is completed, you will enjoy having that extra space available, because we always need more space, right?

A DIY bathroom shuffle on the other hand may not add more value to your home, and if you are doing things like moving water pipes around, there is a lot of risk that something could go wrong. Unless you are a very competent plumber, then you should leave this to the experts, but even though you might love the idea of moving the wash basin and perhaps the shower, do be aware that this is unlikely to add to the value of the home. As long as all necessary parts of the bathroom are present, then moving them around probably will not add to the value of your home. Your bathroom might work more efficiently, but to someone interested in buying your house, it is how it is now that is important, not how much you spent to get it that way that is important.

You can add a little value to your home by improving your garage, so that it is more appealing and not just a catch-all for everything! There are some great floor coverings now that will improve the look of your garage, and make it feel a little warmer on the feet. Some of the coverings have channels to collect vehicle fluids so that you don't slip on them, and by covering the concrete base, the garage will seem that much warmer. Putting shelves or cabinets can present a much more organized space, and a much nicer garage to look at than one that is cluttered with all sorts of different things lying around. But do be aware that these upgrades to your garage may not add greatly to the value of your home, not like a DIY conservatory would.

So, before you plan your next do it yourself project, decide whether it really is something that you can tackle yourself to save a little money, and whether it is something that will add value to your home, or perhaps it is just for your enjoyment.

Autor: Stephen A Jackson

Steve Jackson knows only too well that do it yourself projects do not always work out as planned, and they do not always add value to your home either! However, there are some diy projects that will add value, so take a look at for more ideas on do it yourself jobs.

Added: December 27, 2009