Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DIY Tabletop Fountain

You are one of the people who rise up to the challenge of creating or making something yourself rather than hiring someone to do something for you. Mr. or Ms. Do It Yourself (DIY), that is you and you are proud of the fact that you are.

Then, maybe, this is the first time that you actually consider making something yourself. Maybe, you are used to the convenience of just buying anything your heart wishes. But hey, there is always a first time, and this time, just maybe, may be a good time.

See, you can be an expert or someone new in DIY craft, but that would not really matter as you will be given detailed instructions on how to make your very own tabletop fountain.

This fountain making tutorial uses a bowl, river rocks for that added natural feel and prepackaged bamboo spout kits, which can be purchased online.

If you want to make a tabletop fountain with bamboo spouts resting on top of the bowl, like the 5 Arm Bamboo Spout, make sure that the water container you use is the right size to fit your bamboo spouts. You do not want the spouts to fall inside the container and that would happen if your container is too wide. Make sure that your container is waterproof and to achieve that, you can line it with a pond liner or apply watertight sealant. Bowls, galvanized buckets, half barrels, or lotus pots can be used as containers.

Your bamboo spout kit should come with a pump. Place the pump inside the container. Make sure that your pump is submerged in water before you plug it in. You can use the river rocks to cover the pump or you can purchase a decorative pump cover like the Frog Pump Cover in Antique White. Try to position the pump in a way that you can easily position the cord along the back part of the bowl or any other container of your choice.

Now, if you want another design, the rocking fountain or also known as the deer scare, may suit your taste. What you do is position the bamboo spout over the bowl, placing it either inside or outside the bowl depending on the size and your preference. Then, strategically place the pump towards the back of your container, fill the bowl with water and plug in the pump. You can use the river rocks as decoration or you may add additional accessories. You can buy the water wheel, which is a really familiar accessory or a figurine or maybe, plants, if your bowl or container is big enough.

If bamboo, though, is not just your style, you can just do away with the spout and simply place the pump in your container for a bubbling effect. A small pond spitter may also be used.

There you go your very own, tabletop water feature. Just helpful tips, make sure that the pump is always submerged in water to prevent damage and do not forget to add a few drops of anti white scale water treatment and anti algae. Go ahead; enjoy the fruit of your labor.

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Added: December 15, 2009
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