Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Benefits of DIY Home Improvement

Time-use surveys tell us that we spend over half our lives inside the property we call 'home', and having a beautiful, well-maintained home is a common dream for many people. With fewer people looking to move while the housing market remains in the doldrums, it makes sense to consider the many benefits that a successful home improvement project can bring.

As is suggested by its name, most people think that a home improvement project will not only improve the quality of a home, it will also add value to it. Adding value to your home will obviously benefit you when it comes to selling your property. However, you need to tread carefully - not all home improvement projects will add value to a property, some may actually lose you money.

Experts on the subject seem to have quite different opinions as to which home improvement projects lose you money. These can range from installing plastic double-glazing to laying new carpets. But experts are more in agreement as to which projects have the potential to add the most value.

In no particular order, some of the most frequently mentioned 'value-added' suggestions include:

  • Redecorating the interior of your house in neutral colors
  • Building a patio or deck
  • Keeping the exterior of your home neat and tidy
  • Carrying out a loft conversion that blends well with the rest of your home
  • Giving your bathroom and kitchen a modern feel
A further golden rule to follow when selling your house is don't do anything on the home improvement front that anyone could really dislike - such as installing gold-plated window frames or having anything too eccentric-looking in the garden.

But home improvement projects are not all about trying to maximize value in your home. Some tasks are basic repair and maintenance jobs - such as the need to unblock a sink. And it is jobs such as these that a lot of people want to be able to do themselves. Why pay someone $100 dollars an hour to do something which won't add value to your property? Why not learn a skill and do it yourself?

There are many ways to find out how to carry out home improvement tasks. Many stores provide in-store advice, often from members of staff who are willing to help, or else via free 'how to' leaflets that you are able to take away and read at home. Some of the bigger DIY and home improvement stores such as The Home Depot and Lowe's have 'how to' videos posted on the Internet. These are often worth a look, as they will tell you not only the tools and materials you need, but also how best to plan and successfully carry out the DIY project. Also, with videos, you are able to visually follow the task from beginning to end before you actually do it - something that is not always possible with leaflets, for example. This will help you build a mental picture of the different steps along the path towards successfully completing your home improvement task.

So, what are the benefits of DIY Home Improvement? There are many. It can save you money; it can even make you money; you maintain the quality and functionality of your home, and when the job is successfully completed you are able to sit back and bathe in the warm glow of personal satisfaction.

Autor: Jeremy Meek

Jeremy Meek has worked as a researcher and journalist for a leading consumer advice publication with over 1,000,000 subscribers. Currently he runs a number of websites including KnowHowHomeImprovement.com which gathers together a free selection of useful DIY and home improvement 'how to' videos. Visit KnowHowHomeImprovement.com for more information.

Added: September 8, 2009
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