Thursday, September 24, 2009

Secrets Broken at Last For the DIY Energy Project

I got the desire the other day to set up my own wind powered generator. While doing so, I found some information that was very valuable to be self sufficient regarding the energy needed to operate my home stead.

  • Finances are available from the Federal Governments which in some cases could completely pay for an efficient self contained system
  • Energy providers are encouraging individual home owners to be self sufficient.
  • Some energy providers will buy excess energy.
  • The green energy sustainability influence is making it much easier to find parts necessary to build things like photocell, wind and water power or blended fuel equipment.
  • Since the last time I investigated this idea, the whole process is now looked upon as being the correct thing to do. Back then, the hurdles presented were insurmountable.
The field of personal and home eco-consultants is relatively new. I noted one company had just over 3,000 listings under the umbrella term environmental consultants, up from 657 when the database was started in 2007. Included are energy auditors, health and wellness experts, interior designers and "eco-brokers," real estate agents who specialize in green homes. While real estate agents can get training and certification as "eco" or "green" by trade organizations, and states like New York run energy audit programs with accreditation rules, there are no industry standards for most eco-consultants, who can range from environmental engineers to the self-taught.

Homeowners should exercise caution, if they are thinking of hiring environmentally friendly consultants. They should do some research first and decide which areas they want to focus on before deciding if they want to pay for visits that can cost hundreds of dollars.

It is obviously prudent that we use caution when attempting to be a DIY person. In this instance one must have engineered instructions.

Autor: E B Patterson

The author E B Patterson, is an experienced craftsman. 55 years working with his hands and mind, building houses, being a professional auto specialist, has provided an ability to recognize efficiency in manuals and general instructions for the do it yourselfer. Now retired, he has added a new experience, that being, the ability to use the technology available to create and produce on the internet.

This makes his recommendations very valuable. Take a look at the website. This Meets the Requirements of an efficient, Engineered DIY for the average Joe or Josephine who wants to provide themselves with a self contained energy package for their home, farm or business.

Added: September 24, 2009