Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making Roman Blinds - Counting the Costs

Are you considering making Roman blinds? If so, you might want to consider what you will need to purchase. There is not really that much to buy, and most of it is not very expensive. Depending on the choices you make, you can save quite a lot of money making them yourself.

If you plan on making Roman blinds, you will need:

Fabric and lining fabric: This is an important choice. You need to balance your desire for a certain pattern or print with the necessary concern over the weight of the fabric and how it will cause the particular type roman blind to hang. Also, the lighter fabrics may not provide the protection from sunlight or privacy you were needing.

Plastic rings or ring tape: Roman blinds are made up of cord that runs through little plastic rings that are strategically lined up on the back of the blind. When the cord is pulled to raise the blind, the rings cause the fabric to fall into pleats or folds, a little different depending on the construction type you choose: London, relaxed, slotted, flat, hobbled, or butterfly shades. To avoid sewing all those little rings on, you can purchase a tape that already contains the rings and you just sew it on. This also eliminates some of the chance of placement error that will have a very big impact on the way it looks.

Cord: The cord that you need is pretty straightforward. You will need quite a lot of cord for one window.

Board: a 1" by 2" is usually recommended. If you desire, you can cover it with a fabric. The lumber yard can cut it to the dimension of your window. The fabric is attached to this board which is attached to the top of the window frame.

Screw hooks: Little screw hooks are needed, at least 3, to attach the cords to at the top of the window into the board. The cords have run through all the rings, and are now secured into these hooks and then run across to one side.

Hardware: You can either purchase the more intricate locking mechanism to lock the cords when you raise the shade, or you can just secure them with a little "cleat' that the cords wrap around at the side of the window.

Making Roman Blinds is not an expensive or overly-difficult feat. Do your homework, make careful choices, and you will succeed in acquiring a beautiful window treatment for substantially less money.

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Added: September 2, 2009