Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ideas of How to Install Under Mount Sinks

With no rim, an under mount sink presents just a smooth, clean sweep of countertop. There's no entry point for water to leak through, and also no countertop crevices for dirt to hide in. There is, though, a limitation: Under mount sinks can be installed only where the countertop has a solid edge - such as with solid-surface materials or solid wood. You can't use a laminate countertop here, as the plywood or particle-broad edges will soak up moisture like a sponge.

Create opening: Whether your sink mounts under a wood top or a solid-surface material, you'll need an opening cut in the vanity top. In either case, the edges of the opening will be seen and must be cut perfectly smooth and true. With wood, this can be done with a template and router. But since only certified fabricators can cut most solid-surface materials, you'll need to send them either the sink or a pattern in advance of ordering the vanity top so that they can custom-cut the opening.

Install sink: To create a watertight seal between the sink and the top, apply a generous bead of silicone caulk around the sink rim. Then set the sink in place and secure it with the clips provided. The screw that hold the clips in place can be driven into a wood top, or into threaded inserts epoxied into a solid-surface top.

Secure to vanity: All that's left is to add the faucet and set the top. With the faucet and pop-up assembly installed, flip the top upright and position it on the vanity. Adjust it from side to side and form front to back and insert shims as needed to level it. Then secure the top to the vanity with the screws provided.

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Added: September 15, 2009
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