Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why the Green DIY Energy Guide WILL NOT Help You

If you don't like to work with your hands and construct things, and don't have the patience to follow assembly directions, then forget purchasing the Green DIY Energy guide; it will be a waste of your time. But, if you are willing to put in some time and effort, and want to slash your energy bills by 50%, I would definitely recommend building your own solar panel system to power your home.

The Green DIY Energy guide will walk you through the entire process. Read on to see why I think it is well worth its $50. There are many green DIY energy guides online today. A cursory Internet search will bring up around 10 such guides, all seeming to offer the same exact thing - how to build money-saving energy systems to power your home. Although they all appear to be the same, there are several factors that guides definitely do vary on, and they are important things for the weekend DIYer to take notice of.

If you are thinking about purchasing a green DIY energy guide, here are the things I would recommend looking for in the guide of your choice:

How many manuals come with the guide? Many guides offer numerous manuals on solar power systems and wind power systems. Buy a guide that is multi-faceted so you keep your DIY options open.

Training videos? This is a BIG factor for me. I like to have training videos included with my guide, so I can actually watch what I'm supposed to do, instead of just reading about it. Not all guides include videos, so keep an eye out for that.

Money-back guarantee? If you end up not liking the guide or choosing to not build a green energy system, it is nice to have a money-back guarantee to fall back on

Parts list? Make sure you buy a guide that has an extensive parts list included. A good green DIY energy guide will have a parts list included, and tell you exactly where to buy the parts.

What kind of bonuses come along with the guide? If you're like most people, you love getting free bonuses. Look for a guide that comes with some nice bonuses.

How expensive is the guide? There is no need to buy a guide that costs more than $50. There are several great guides that meet all my criteria and cost less than $50.

A green DIY energy guide is an important part of any green energy DIY project, and if you make a wise choice on a good energy guide, it will make the construction and implementation process much simpler. You can install a great energy system for under $200 and there are good guides out there that will show you exactly how to do it.

In my opinion, THE green DIY energy guide is Green DIY Energy. I love this guide because it gives you the most for your money. You get good clear manuals on how to construct solar power systems as well as wind powered systems. You get over 2 hours of instructional videos which cover the more technical aspects of solar panel construction, as well as a thorough parts and tool list. Another great thing about Green DIY Energy is the interactive forum that all members have access to, as well as the fact that they show you exactly how to build a solar panel system for under $100! I didn't find another DIY guide that offered that. Other good green energy guides are Earth 4 Energy and Homemade Energy.

Hope this short article helps you make a good decision for your green energy DIY project - Good luck!

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Added: September 5, 2009