Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to Hang Gutters

Gutters are your house's first defence against water damage and help to direct water away from walls, pavements and foundations. Proper installation of a gutter system can prevent costly structural and cosmetic repairs. Hanging gutters is a fairly simple project with just a few steps and important tips.

The first step is to remove the old gutter if one exists. Once the gutter is removed, it is the perfect time to repair or replace the fascia. Prior to purchasing the gutter materials, decide the type of gutter that is most appropriate for the area; a deeper gutter is indicated if there is a lot of local rain, debris guards are a good choice if there are a lot of trees overhanging the roof line. The location of the downspout is the first step to hanging gutters. If there is an existing drain, hang a plumb line and install the outlet in line with the drain. If there is no drain, the downspout should be aimed toward an existing gully. Never point a downspout at a driveway or pavement since it promotes the growth of algae and ice formation. The top of the gutter should never be more than 30mm from the bottom of the roof. After installation of the outlet gutter section, install a fascia bracket 150mm from each end of the gutter run. The gutter may be installed level or with a maximum fall of 3mm per metre. Using a string, extend a line from the insertion line of the outlet to the end of the run. The insertion line allows a moveable joint for expansion. Once the line is extended, install fascia brackets every metre. In addition to brackets every metre, all joints require brackets as well. Install the gutter by tilting the gutter under the back of the fitting and then pushing down into the front of the bracket. Install end caps at the end of the gutter run.

Once the gutter is installed, install the downpipe. If the house has a large overhang, use an offset bend to bring the downspout closer to the wall. Downspout support brackets are installed every two metres. If the downspout discharges over an open topped gully, finish the downspout with a rainwater shoe. If the downspout of the gutter discharges into a drain, use a drain adapter. For new construction projects, such as a conservatory, consult the local building authority for proper placement of the downspout.

A properly installed and maintained gutter is an inexpensive way to protect your biggest investment. Hanging a gutter requires a little careful planning but can be accomplished in a short amount of time.

Your gutters should be cleaned out at least one a year, maybe twice if you live in a very tree lined area.

Autor: D L Anderson

Added: September 30, 2009