Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is GreenDIYEnergy the Best Place to Get Your DIY Guides? claims that anyone can build a solar powered energy system for their home for under $100; is that for real? Well, the simple answer is yes, it is for real. You really can build a working solar panel system for under $100 using's guide.


It does take a lot of work and a substantial amount of time. You have to do some complex assembly, and it can be difficult. Nevertheless, if you are willing to put in some time and energy, you will definitely be able to build a working solar power system and slash your energy monthly energy bills, or eliminate them.

I've reviewed many DIY green energy guides, and they definitely are not all equal. Some have better value for your money. Some have videos, nice bonuses and a money-back guarantee. has those things and more, and that is why I rate it as my number #1 choice for the weekend DIYer looking to "go green".

Here are some of the nicest features of Green DIY Energy and why I rate it above the rest of the competition:

  1. Includes manuals for not only solar energy systems, but also wind power systems.
  2. Has more How-to videos than any other green energy guide - over 2 hours worth of training videos, covering 7 of the most complex aspects of solar panel creation. If you're a visual learner like I am, you will really appreciate having clear videos to learn from.
  3. Is the only guide that includes directions for how to build a solar power system for under $100. All other guides offer directions for how to build one for under $200, but is the only site that shows you how to do it for under $100.
  4. Is the only guide that includes an interactive forum where members can post questions, comments and suggestions for customer service or other customers to answer. I like that.

At $50 a pop, Green DIY Energy is the most valuable green energy guide because it has the most features packed into that $50 price tag, plus you can quickly make back that $50 after using your solar powered energy system for one month.

Alternatively, if you decide the guide is not what you want, you always have the money-back guarantee to fall back on.

Coming in at 2nd place is's guide. It also has great manuals and good bonuses, but does not include nearly as many training videos as Green DIY Energy does, and that is the main reason why I ranked it behind Green DIY Energy.

Although, Earth 4 Energy does have some very nice features, such as its bonus EBook on making biodiesel, as well as the fact that each customer gets access to all future product upgrades for free. So, if a year from now Earth 4 Energy adds a couple more training videos, their customers will automatically get access to them for free. I hope you found my short article on helpful and informative.

Good luck with your DIY ventures, and rest assured that Green DIY Energy is a solid buy.

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I only recommend guides that I have personally purchased and used, and Green DIY Energy Guide is my #1 choice for learning how to build solar panels.

Get the guide today and start your solar panel project, you won't regret it!

Added: September 4, 2009