Friday, June 19, 2009

Build a Chicken Coop - Why You Should Build Your Own Chicken Nesting Boxes and Chicken Houses

Self sufficiency is a big word these days and it's no surprise considering the economic mess we are in. One great way to move down the path of self sufficiency is to build a chicken coop and get yourself some chickens.

Having your own chickens is great, you won't believe the how good your own organic eggs will taste, not to mention the money you will save.

But you do need to look after your chickens, a happy healthy environment is essential as are good chicken nesting boxes, to ensure your hens lay eggs regularly and stay healthy.

Some things you need to take into consideration when building a chicken coop include, lighting, nesting boxes, how to deal with waste and insulation for both cold and hot weather.

Aside from the obvious benefit of having fresh eggs every day, having your own chicken coup has other benefits including, somewhere to get rid of your food scraps and once the chickens are done with the food scraps, the product that comes out the other end makes some of the best fertilizer money can buy!.

Building a chicken coop is not the world's most difficult process, in fact it's extremely easy, and you can assemble them with materials available at your local hardware store. It is imperative however you get yourself some decent plans to follow, otherwise what could be a fun weekend project could turn into a disaster.

It's also a great project to get the whole family involved in, trust me the reward of seeing your children involved in caring for and raising chickens is more than enough reason in its own to build a chicken coop.

Autor: Roy Pitt

Getting a good guide and clear set of plans is imperative to the success of building your chicken coop and chicken nesting boxes. Visit the following link for a review of an easy to follow guide which will make the process pain free and simple. How to Build a Chicken Coop

Added: June 19, 2009