Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to Create an Aged Verdigris Finish

Do you have the need or want to update the look of your metal, ceramic or wood items throughout your home but can't seem to figure out how? Learning how to create an aged verdigris finish is one way that you can really help update the look of these items throughout your home and really make things look new and fresh again.

When you want to refinish an object in your home make sure that the surface is clean since you will be painting this item and it's pointless to paint over something that is dirty. Once you've cleaned the surface give it time to be completely dry, especially if it's a wood object as some water may get absorbed into the top layer of the wood.

Since you are doing an aged verdigris finish you will want to spray paint the object with a metallic copper or gold paint but you don't have to do the entire object if you don't want, just ensure to do large portions of it.

Now you will want to take a dark teal green acrylic paint and paint this color onto the item but consider using a sponge for this step as you want to keep the metallic color appearing as well as the dark teal green. You want the finish to have a bit of an irregular mottled look so using a sponge can really help with this. Make sure to give the object time to dry and if you are not patient and want it to dry quickly consider using a blow dryer.

Once your object has dried use a lighter verdigris green to contrast with the dark teal green to highlight some areas of the object. Be careful not to over do it or things will not look right. You don't need to go purchase an entirely seperate color, you can just add a white into the dark teal green to make a lighter green of that color.

Make sure that now you have all these paint colors on you've let things dry completely and to help keep things looking vibrant you should place a clear acrylic overtop to act as a protective layer. This will prevent any scratches from appearing that could occur over time.

As you can see it's not hard learning how to create an aged verdigris finish it just takes some time and effort to do. Be patient and you'll love the final outcome to your brand new, yet already used, objects throughout your home.

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Added: June 11, 2009