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Wire Crimper Selection

Most people who like do it yourself (diy) projects often run into situations where they need to run wire. This job can quickly become very difficult or cumbersome without the proper tools such as a wire crimper or a pair of wire strippers, and more importantly, the correct type of crimper for the job. Wire crimpers come in many different varieties and sizes and the right tool for the job often depends on the type of wire that needs crimped and/or stripped. For example, if you were to attempt to use a RJ-45 data wire crimper to crimp the end of a coaxial cable, you would likely bend the teeth of the RJ-45 crimper. Some people also believe it is perfectly fine to use the stripping blade on any set wire crimpers for any type of wire, regardless of how heavy the gauge. A heavier gauge wire always needs a heavier gauge wire crimper to get the job done right! Although the crimper may not be visibly damaged the first time it is used to cut a heavier than intended gauge wire, in most cases it will weaken the blade, which will cause it to crack and chip over time.

Modular crimper and cutters are great for projects that involve using multiple sizes of connections. If you wanted the flexibility to crimp multiple types of connections like telephone and data, these are the perfect for the job!

The ratchet wire crimper uses a mechanism that crimps stranding and the insulation grip portion of connectors all in one motion for superior strain relief of the hand. These provide an easy means to crimp wires with ease and are also very versatile as many have multiple cavities for crimping wires of various sizes. Crimpers that come with strippers make the experience of wire crimping much more seamless and convenient by incorporating both into a single tool.

Many types of crimpers are able to press standard types of twisted pair cables into RJ10, RJ12, and RJ45 plugs all in a single tool! Having a single crimping tool for all these types of wire is something that everyone could utilize in their tool box. Twisted pair wire crimpers are designed to quickly crimp and cut the wires of RJ-45/11/12 compatible connectors in one easy simple operation! The straight action crimping motion ensures a uniform crimp.

Use cable wire crimpers for BNC or TNC coaxial terminators onto RG-58, RG-59 or RG-62 cable. Install additional cable TV, satellite outlets or cable modems or move existing ones easily with cable wire crimpers.

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There is a wire crimper for every type of task. It is important that care is taken in choosing the right wire crimper for the job. For the best wire crimper information, visit

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