Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to Create a Faux Headboard

There are many ways where you can learn how to create a faux headboard but if you don't do it the right way things will not look proper leaving you with a bad headboard that you no longer want to use. Many people consider using a faux headboard because they don't have the funds to buy a brand new one or the room itself is not big enough to accompany a headboard, so the option to go with a faux headboard is the best option.

When you first consider installing a faux headboard you should try getting your hands onto an item that is large enough to match the size of your bed. Many people are known to use old windows that no longer have the glass in them or even antique millwork it's entirely up to you.

To be really creative you could consider placing a piece of a fence you no longer need or a gate onto the wall that is behind your bed. Many people are known to use either picket fences or wrought iron fences, but this is just a suggestion. Once you've mounted the fence onto your wall it's time to really spice things up and put a curtain rod above onto the wall and put cushions or also pillows that are in shams onto the curtain rod with caf� rings. When placing the rod onto the wall make sure that it is not too low as this could cause many head bumps in the night, especially if you like reading in bed.

The ways you can design a faux headboard is endless. There is no specific way of how things should be done as everyone has their own preferences. Some people choose to not have a headboard at all while others will go above and beyond designing one. If you want to design a headboard then go for it, someone is bound to love the idea that you come up with.

Headboards can be a great addition to any bedroom as it gives the entire room a focal point just like various other rooms of your home. By having a focal point within your room people's eyes are drawn to something instead of wondering around looking at everything. This can also allow you to feel more relaxed in amongst your bedroom as it has that complete feeling.

Don't let yourself be lost when it comes to learning how to create a faux headboard as the task isn't a hard one. If there is something in your mind that you love and want to continue throughout your bedroom then do it and catch the eye of many. A faux headboard is a great way to save some money and let your own ideas come to life.

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Added: June 9, 2009
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