Saturday, June 27, 2009

DIY Solar Panel Kits - Basic Information Reviewed

Do it your self kits are becoming very popular nowadays. With commercial solar panel systems costing thousands of dollars this puts them out of reach for most families and individuals. DIY solar panel kits are cheap the quality is excellent and reliable. You can hire a contractor to do the work for you and this would still be cheaper them buying a commercial system. But learning how to build a solar energy system would be beneficial to you. With oil prices going hire, lowering our electric bills will become a priority for everyone and you could be the neighbor hood expert since you have built your own system.

Learning to build a solar panel is not that difficult. The DIY kits can be found on the internet but be leery of free ones they are usually not reliable or proven to work. The good DIY solar panel guides are cheap under $50 they have easy to follow instructions that are well illustrated you just follow the steps laid out for you, The real good ones have videos and support so you can ask questions, updates free of charge for life. They will show you the tools you will need and materials to get even were to buy the materials cheap. To put together a panel here are the tools you need soldiering iron, soldier, flux, tabbing, and some photovoltaic cells, just connect the individual cells together and this forms the solar panel itself. Each cell generates a small amount of power when several are put together they will have enough power to run your house hold. The system is clean and renewable itself.

Clean and renewable energy will be in demand more and more, with oil prices rising we will need to find ways to cut are electric bills, solar power and windmills are the only options we have at this point. Learning how to build a DIY solar power kit will increase your knowledge so you can build bigger and better ones in the future.

Autor: Keith Tessmer

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Added: June 27, 2009