Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sump Pump Installation - A Basic Guide

If your basement floods every time it rains more than an inch, then you must look into sump pump installation. This article will take you through the basics in a quick and easy way.

First of all you're going to have to dig a hole through the concrete in your basement floor. (I know it sounds hard but I'm sure you can figure it out.) Make sure that your sump basin will actually fit in the hole and then go ahead and sit it in there. After that you just have to add some layers of gravel to the basin. You can go buy some gravel at Home Depot if you don't have any lying around. Then put your stone on the top of your gravel.

You're already about halfway through your sump pump installation. (It's not so bad, is it?) Now you've got to put your actual sump pump right on top of that stone paver that you laid previously on top of the gravel. Hook your PVC pipe and your good old check valve on into the sump pump. This is easy.

Next I want you to drill a hole through your house so that you can feed the pipe on out there. Now seal it all up, all the loose ends. Lastly we need to test so I want you to actually turn your pump on and see what happens. Feed some water into it then go run outside to see if the water is successfully being dumped out there. If everything is golden then I congratulate you on a spectacular sump pump installation, my friend. I told you it wasn't that hard.

Autor: Jeff Olivier

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Added: June 25, 2009