Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How to Turn Your Walls Into Storage Space

No matter how big a house we are currently living in, there never seems to be enough storage space. When you first moved in there were all these glorious closets and cupboards, and small areas that were going to be perfect for keeping all of our miscellaneous items. When you were looking at the spaces while they were empty you were probably wondering how you were ever going to fill all of them. Now they are stuffed to overflowing and you still have more stuff that needs to be stored and you do not have any idea of where you are going to put it. Have you considered using your walls to create additional storage?

You probably did not know it but there are three creative things that you can do to turn your walls into a useful storage space. The really great thing is that most of the stuff you will need is probably lying around your house already.

Milk Crates

Do you have any of those plastic milk crates left over from when you moved into your house? If you do you can cover them with a layer of paint and hang them from your walls. These are an excellent way to store shoes, gloves, hats, linens, and towels. They work especially well for storing spare toys in your children's rooms. If you do not have any you can normally pick them up at a thrift shop or dollar store. If you can not find any milk crates, ask your local grocer to save you some fruit crates the next time they get a truckload of produce.

Use Broken Furniture

If you happen to have an old wooden bench lying around, you should turn it upside down and nail it onto the wall. Not only will the bench be strong enough to work as a bookshelf but it can also be used as an unusual way to display your favorite knickknacks and collectables. The same can be done with any broken chairs that you might have.

Build a Window Box

For some reason builders never seem to understand the need for additional storage space in the bathroom, they never provide a really good place where you can keep extra towels, shampoos, and other miscellaneous bathroom items. One of the best ways you can rectify this situation is to build yourself an indoor window box. You can make it as large as you like, just make sure that it is located somewhere that you will not be bumping it with your head.


If you are looking for additional places where you can hang your jewelry, scarves or ties, you should run to your favorite linen store and pick up a pack of wooden hangers. All you will need is some paint to turn these into really great wall storage.

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Added: June 2, 2009
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